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Air Force - Coaster

Don’t ruin your table with watermarks, or a boring set of coasters. We’ve got the perfect set for you right here for whatever you’re drinking. Since 1947 the US Air Force has defended the freedoms and liberties of the United States and we believe these men and women should be celebrated for their sacrifices - we remember All Gave Some, Some Gace All. We know they’re a small way of showing you care but they’re a great place to start, making great gifts for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans, and airmen and women in active service, not to mention anyone who feels Pride and Honor in our brave warriors of the sky.

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Bikers and rockers love the rugged design of our 4-inch black slateUSAF Missile coffeecoasters. It’s easy to see why with its silver foil American Bald Eagle and awesome USAF arrow emblem. Featuring the emblem and seal of the USAF, there’s a lot of history here. Did you know the eagle above a shield was not the original Air Force seal? The first proposed seal was designed in 1947 and featured the Wright Brothers' airplane on a weird lime green background.  Arthur E. DuBois designed it, and after some feedback from air force top-brass, he changed it to feature the eagle and Jupiter's (the king of the Greek Gods) thunderbolts. President Harry Truman approved the design in November of 1947. The main colors of the seal, blue and gold, were the colors of the original US Air Corps and the seal also includes thirteen stars that represent the thirteen original states. That awesome American Bald Eagle is a traditional symbol of the US and here, it also means complete and total superiority and dominance of the skies. How’s that for patriotic?

For a more detailed design, check out our Double Flag coffee coasters in white tumbled marble featuring an awesome American Bald Eagle, the United States Flag and Air Force flag alongside the immortal crest and shield and 1947 in silver foil (the year of the birth of the US Air Force). Fly Fight Drink today.

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