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A drink without a coaster is an invitation to disaster. With American-made coasters from Shop Erazor Bits, you can enjoy your event with your fellow patriots without worrying about ruining your furniture.
Host a rager for the USA the right way and purchase Shop Erazor Bits stoneware today!

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Double Flag Gold Glob Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
USMC Badge Of Honor Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Never Retreat Never Surrender Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Semper Fi Chrome Dog Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Eagle USMC Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
DOUBLE FLAG Gold Glob Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Once And Always A Marine Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95

Respect Thy American Neighbour

There’s nothing like sitting around the coffee table with your family and friends, having a couple of drinks, and sharing stories. But then horror strikes when Cousin Joe lifts his glass, and there’s a terrible water stain on your lovely wooden table… Prevent this with a coaster that is far from boring but makes a statement in your home!

A glass without a coaster under it is a serious party foul. Shop Erazor Bits helps you stay classy with beautiful coasters that are made with a naturally absorbent material that soaks up any moisture from a sweaty drink like juice, soda, beer, and water. So enjoy the festivities without worrying about your furniture getting ruined.

All our coasters are a fashionable and patriotic accent to your home décor, adding color to every space. They can be purchased as a single coaster or a set of 2 or 4. You can also purchase them with a printed box for easy gift wrapping. Any hostess in your life will love these unique coasters. Include our glassware sets for the perfect gift bundle!

The Top 3 Hottest Hits

1. Marines are forever dedicated to their country and duties. Share your passion for the United States Marine Corps with our Double Flag Gold Globe Marine Corps Coaster in black or ivory. Nothing says loyalty like the iconic American symbol for the maritime land force service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

2. The shortened Latin phrase, “Semper Fi,” is a crucial motto that Marines hold near and dear to their hearts. No matter what, they will stand by their brothers and sisters and fight alongside them. A Marine's loyalty for their pack is highly similar to the strong-willed and obedient dog featured on our ivory or black-colored Semper Fi Chrome Dog Marine Corps Coaster.

3. Duck season or “wabbit season”? With a set of Hunting Mega Bucks Ivory Tumbled Marble Coasters Gift Set, be on Bugs Bunny’s side and choose a coaster that showcases your love for the big hunt. Daffy Duck will be in a “fowl mood,” but you’ll get a kick out of them nonetheless!

Share the Love with Our Great Gifts

We wouldn’t be America without our pride, democracy, liberty, and justice for all. For those citizens that fight for our rights: USA Military members, Law Enforcement, First Responders, EMS workers, Firefighters, Veterans, and Soldiers, you deserve to be showered in patriotic gifts from Shop Erazor Bits!

Also, don’t forget the people who work just as hard: Fishermen, Electricians, Hunters, Welders, Miners, Mechanics, Truckers, and more.

So whether they are your Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Neighbor, Son, Daughter, Grandparents, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, or Friends, show your beloved family members how much you care about them and their service to this wonderful country.

It’s important to give a gift on a day you want to be remembered forever. This includes Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Holidays, and other special occasions.

Millions of our customers love our products for a reason—high-quality apparel, household items, accessories, and more printed here in the U.S and always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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