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Law Enforcement - Coaster

There’s nothing more annoying than getting watermarks or heat marks on your table. Our Law Enforcement coasters are literally made to Protect and Serve your home with some awesome officially licensed graphic prints you won’t find anywhere else (printed right here in the USA). These make the perfect gifts for Patriotic and houseproud men and women, brothers and sisters, and moms and dads - whether police on active duty, cop veterans or anyone who feels a passionate passion and pride for the Thin Blue Line. We know that Blue Lives Matter and the First Responders who put their lives on the line for us every day need our support - let the world know too with these awesome coasters.

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Irish police gifts are difficult to find, so we made the perfect coaster sets. Irish cops love our 4x4 Policemen Extra Stout coaster set in black slate. It’s the perfect coaster for a pint and it’s sure to make anyone laugh while poignantly reminding them that all men are created equal but some become brothers.

For Police Dog lovers, check out our Elite Breed K9 Units on white tumbled marble. These awesome coasters featuring a German Shepherd police dog set in a silver and gold sheriff’s badge. Truly, man’s best friend, and a criminal’s worst enemy.

If you want a heart-warming message on your coaster, have you heard the Policeman’s Prayer? It starts with those incredible heartfelt lines: “When I start my tour of duty, God, wherever crime may be, and as I walk the darkened streets alone, let me be close to Thee.” The blessing’s author is unknown, we like to think it was written by a series of officers of the law who wanted to commemorate each other in the face of the startling adversities and hardships they face on a daily basis. The power of this message shows solidarity with police and reinforces the need for Back the Blue. Our coaster shows this prayer alongside America’s Finest on a silver police shield.

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