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USMC - Coaster

If you take pride in your home, you’ll want a set of coasters that keep your table clean without those annoying watermarks. If you take pride in America and our beloved Devil Dogs, you’ll want our USMC coasters. Each one is made with a high-definition decal that retains its color and shape and will look damn awesome for years to come. It’s just one reason why these limited editions and officially licensed US Marine Corps coasters are so popular - they show your support and patriotism for everything the marines stand for - Honor, Service, and Sacrifice. And they’ve been standing for these values since 1775. We know they’re a small way of showing you care but they’re a great place to start, making great gifts for moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans, and leathernecks still in active service.

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If you’re a fan of the Devil Dogs, you’ll want to check out our awesomeFirst In Last Out andNever Retreat Never Surrender coasters. Not only are these are ultra-absorbent, the incredibly detailed prints are conversation starters every time. 

Where does the Devil Dog and bull dog Thin Red Line mascot come from? We’re glad you asked. In a decisive battle at Belleau Wood in World War I, German soldiers called the attacking Marines, the Teufel Hunden, meaning Devil-Dogs. Teufel-hunden were mountain dogs of German mythology, known for their dedication and fierceness. Because of the fearless nature of the breed - a dog that's literally Forged without Fear, the image took root and remains an awesome reminder of the toughness and resilience of the USMC to this day. 

The marines have a bulldog mascot forever named Chesty, named after Chesty Puller - the renown Marine warrior. Despite only being 5 foot 7, he was known for his bravery under pressure. Just a simple reminder good things come in small packages - just like these coffee mugs. Semper Fi!