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5 Reasons this Shirt is a Damn Good Catch

5 Reasons this Shirt is a Damn Good Catch

  1. Gone Fishin'We don't always talk about our hobbies. With this shirt, you're letting people know your passions without opening your mouth. Who knows - you might make a new fishing buddy.
  2. America the Brave:We may not have invented fishing, but Lord knows we're the best in the world at it. Show off your patriotic spirit and your love of fishing at the same time.
  3. Like wearing a Sunday afternoon:It doesn't matter if you're out on the lake, heading to work or enjoying a BBQ - this shirt is highly breathable and ultra-comfortable, using state of the art printing presses and ink.
  4. Get hooked:This shirt makes a great statement and helps you become the center of attention. Excellent as a Christmas, Father's Day or Birthday present - or treat yourself to a great, well-fitted shirt.
  5. Lucky break:This is one of our most popular designs - it’s on a limited run and only just back in stock. Get yours now!

Teach a man to fish, and he will feed himself for a lifetime. And when he can't fish, give him a damn handsome shirt. Just like this one.

Do you find yourself at work, in the car, or eating dinner and getting watery-eyed about getting out there and going fishing? This shirt is a reminder of those great times.

Every year, more Americans head to the water to fish than play golf and tennis combined. That says something about our culture - fishing teaches us patience, keeps us fit, and provides a great way of unwinding at the end of a busy day. 

Whether you like spending a morning out on the lake, sea, or even ice, whether you're casting for walleye, shark, or carp - this shirt is perfect for anglers who like nothing more than the thrill of the hunt.

With the ongoing assault on American patriotism, it's never been more important to stand by the flag. Shop Erazor Bits help you to do just that (with a side of fishing thrown in for good measure). Founded in 1993, they make statements that touch the heart about what it is to be American.

The MAHI Dolphin Fish Beyond The Break Premium T-Shirt tackles exactly that - life's big issues on land and water.

MAHI Dolphin Fish Beyond The Break Premium T-Shirt


This awesome shirt is designed for people with the big catch in mind, "when fishing for dreams, cast out far beyond the break." Nothing makes your heart beat faster than when you first see your mark - launching itself out of the water at the end of your line. This shirt captures that thrill, alongside our great Stars and Stripes - 'nuff said.

Get ready for the next adventure.

Good things come to those who bait.