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Air Force - Tankard

These glasses are the F15 jets of the tankard world. Crafted from 25oz heavy-weight premium glass, these are tough as hell  - they’d likely take a direct hit from an LGM-30 missile and still be good to hold a toast with. And they’re made for that, toasting the heroes of the United States Air Force. Drinking to Duty, Honor, and Courage. These exclusive decals are applied by hand (all printed right here in the USA) and make an awesome talking point - reminding veterans (or anyone who is proud to have served) and those in active service alike that we’re thankful for their service - the phrase Remember the Living and Honor the Fallen comes to mind.

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Double Flag Air Force Eagle 25oz Tankard Glass Set Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Air Force USAF Missle 25oz Tankard Glass Set Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95

The limited edition high-definition decals have to be seen to be believed such as ourDouble Flag Air Force tankards - with the American bald eagle, Old Glory flag twinned with the Air Force flag, and 1947 in silver foil - the date of the founding of the USAF. If you’re into your emblems, you’ll love ourAir Force Missile Tankard glass. Featuring the renowned arrows, shield, and another cool American Bald Eagle. These make the perfect gifts for men and women, brothers and sisters, those in active duty, and anyone who loves our High Flying Defenders of Liberty and Freedom.

This tankard features the official seal for USAF, which was created way back in 1951 and has not changed since its creation. The design for the Air Force flag bears the shield and coat of arms from the Air Force seal on an ultramarine blue field. The crest contains a tough and proud-looking American Bald Eagle (our national bird and also the symbol for USAF’s superiority in protecting our American skies) clutching a set of Jupiter’s thunderbolts, ready to strike down its foes at will. If you’re looking for the ultimate glassware to drink with, try out our bold and brave USAF tankard ranges. It’s a shame they’re called tankards - jetards would be more fitting for an airman or woman.

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