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EMS - Mugs

America’s Emergency Medical Services, known as EMS or EMT, are the frontline responders who provide first response medical care to thousands of Americans every day (almost 2 million per year). They respond to emergency incidents - whether large-scale disasters or everyday emergencies day in and day out across the US. This medical support dates at least as far back as the Greek era where chariots were used to remove injured soldiers from the battlefield. The first ambulance services in the US started in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1869, with funeral directors transporting patients to hospitals. And it was much later in the 1920s that the first volunteer rescue ambulances began in America, where medics returning from the First World War put their skills to use. Today, our fine country’s EMS and Paramedic field has grown to include more than 260,000 EMTs and paramedics. Still, though the profession is established, many today face even more challenges (such as Coronavirus) that put their expertise to the test, so they need our support more than ever.

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If you’re looking to show your gratitude and thanks for our incredible EMS heroes, a handsome coffee mug is a small but awesome way. We’ve been making Patriotic coffee mugs for almost thirty years. Our stoneware is fired in a kiln at low temperatures to keep the stone as tough as a New York ambulance, and all of our prints are made right here in the USA, so you can bet these colors won’t run. For an incredible design, check out ourOn-Call for Life mug in white. Featuring the glowing blue Star of Life and the snake around a staff, known as the Rod of Asclepius. This staff takes its name from the mythological Greek god Asclepius. He was thought to be Apollo's son and a Greek doctor and was widely known in legend for his healing powers. The Ancient Greeks believed him to be the god of medicine and healing - the perfect symbol for these brave American heroes’ dedication and hard work.