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USMC - Reflective Decal

Ready to show your American Patriotism and support for our Devil Dogs? You’ll love our USMC decals - they’re the perfect bumper stickers for cars, trucks, jeeps, and automobiles - even boats, helping your vehicle of choice stand out from the crowd while showing your support for our beloved leathernecks and the sacrifices they make for our Freedom and Liberty every damn day. Each of our officially licensed US Marine Corps decals is unique and limited edition - you won’t find anyone else with these awesome designs. They’re also reflective and ultra-adhesive so there’s no chance of these awesome stickers getting lost. Semper Fi!

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If you like incredible motifs, check out our  Reflective Sword USMC decal. The ceremonial sword represents a Marines’ leadership in combat and remains one of the most symbolic items in the Marine Corps besides the uniforms themselves. The design is based on the Mameluke sword awarded to Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon in the First Barbary War (1801-1805). O’Bannon made an epic, heroic march across the North African desert with a force of Greek mercenaries, tribesmen and arabs to defeat the ruler of the Tripoly Pirates at Derna. This was also the first time our nation’s flag was ever raised in a foreign nation.

For a funny take on the classic US Marines’ mascot, check out our Never Retreat, Never Surrender decal for a fantastic take on the Devil Dogs. Where did the bull dog mascot came from? It all started at a decisive battle at Belleau Wood in World War I. The German soldiers called the attacking Marines, the Teufel Hunden, which meant Devil-Dogs. Teufel-hunden were ferocious mountain dogs of German folklore. Because of the ferocious and resilient nature of the breed - a dog that's literally Forged without Fear, the symbol of this incredible force remains an awesome reminder of the toughness of the USMC to this day.