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Navy - Towels & Blankets

There’s nothing like our Navy! For the men and women who battle the seas, we commend you. To show our appreciation, here is our collection of premium patriotic blankets and towels.
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USA Flag Blanket $29.95 $38.95

Semper Fortis

The Navy’s Latin motto means “Always Courageous” and embodies the bravery the SEALs have every day. From the sea to air to land, the United States takes precedence over every other country—no doubt about it!

Our blankets at Shop Erazor Bits are long-lasting and soft as can be. Each one is 50 x 60 inches, machine washable, and made with 100% polyester.

The 3 Best Blankets:

1. No one gets left behind, whether if it’s on duty or at home. This Brotherhood No One Gets Left Behind Blanket will act as a comfy shield for you and your family to stay warm at night.

2. Navy sailors are bonded together with the commitment to serve this country with honor. Regardless of what happens, Americans stand together. If you believe this, try our I Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Fallen Blanket and salute to the image of a soldier kneeling in front of his fallen brothers' gear.

3. Honor. Service. Sacrifice. These are the three things that American heroes follow day in and day out. This bold, blue Never Forget Fallen Soldier Blanket was made for the fallen soldiers and the loved ones who lost their honorable brothers and sisters.

Dry Off with Patriotism

The United States Navy, forged by the sea, has water and salt flowing through its veins. They protect our liberty and deserve to dry off with a towel representing their ability to defeat, defend, and rescue!

Every Shop Erazor Bits towel is durable, absorbent, machine washable, 30x60 inches, and made with 100% heavyweight cotton. What more could you possibly want?

Top Tier Towels:

1. This large, luxurious Home of the Free Because of the Brave Patriotic Bath Beach Towel is a special gift for those who have lost a courageous soldier. We honor them with a towel that has a graphic of a great bald eagle, an American flag, and military gear.

2. The Navy has every right to carry guns, whether at home or in battle. Stand for your beliefs and wear it like a triumphant cape when you use this 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms Towel

3. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…” you know the rest! Our history revolves around recognizing the truth and securing our liberty at whatever cost. The Guy Fawkes and Anonymous We The People See The Truth Large Bath Beach Towel will show them all how much of a rebel you are.

The Best Gifts for American Heroes   

All Americans should be proud of the freedoms we enjoy, but some oppose what America stands for and try to tear down our country. This is far from okay! Stand up for your rights and wear patriotic apparel that gives you the confidence you need.

We at Shop Erazor Bits are so excited to offer a curated selection of patriotic clothing, accessories, household goods, and more that celebrates what makes us great: freedom of speech, democracy, equality.

Shop Erazor Bits merchandise makes the perfect present for each Veteran, Law Enforcement, Soldier, Military member, Firefighter, Mechanic, Welder, Hunter, Fisherman, Trucker, Poker Player, and First Responder!

The men in your life: Boyfriends, Dads, Husbands, Brothers, Uncles, Sons, Grandpas, and any other loved one should feel cared for and appreciated. Whatever holiday or occasion it may be, whether it’s Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Retirement… each event will be ten times more special with a patriotic gift.

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