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2nd Amendment - Towels & Blankets

Due to popular demand, we’ve expanded our range of merchandise into 2nd Amendment towels and blankets so you can celebrate your American Patriotism 24/7. Whether you’re looking for a pro-gun towel for the beach or the bathroom; if you need a Right to Bear Arms blanket for the bedroom, a throw, or for the great outdoors; we’ve got you covered. Our high-definition graphics are printed right here in the USA so you know These Colors Won’t Run. The towels are super-soft and ultra-absorbent for quick drying. Our blankets prove popular due to their snugness and softness - all this while still making a statement! These make the perfect gift for gun-lovin’ Americans - men and women, moms and dads and brothers and sisters - anyone that thinks the US Constitution and Bill of Rights need to be defended against tyranny.

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USA Flag Blanket 53 reviews Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Ar15 Second Amendment Flag Premium Blanket 581 reviews Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Guy Fawkes and Anonymous We The People See The Truth Large Bath Beach Towel 49 reviews Sale Price $24.95 Regular Price $32.95

Check out our insanely popularFreedom Skull blanket depicting two AR15 style rifles and the motto Come and Take It, you’ll definitely sleep better with this plush blanket. This motto comes from the Greek King Leonidas of Sparta as a defiant response to the demand that his soldiers lay down their weapons made by Xerxes of Persia. It’s also the perfect warcry to challenge any attempts by the US government to confiscate your firearms.

For towels, check out our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms large beach towel with the American Flag painted over a rifle is an inspiration to us all. The Right to Bear Arms stems from our God given Second Amendment, one of the ten amendments to our Constitution comprising the Bill of Rights. It states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

If you’re more into your historical accuracy, you’ll love our Gadsen Flag ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ blanket which is made to get to be noticed. This bright yellow patriotic design is an update on Gadsen’s original (made to look more realistic). It harks back to before the American revolution. The rattlesnake, the Gadsden flag’s central feature, had been an emblem of Americans even before the Revolution. The Pennsylvania Gazette published an article in 1751 protesting the British act of sending convicts to America where the author suggested colonists should return the favor by shipping them back “a cargo of rattlesnakes.” Three years later the newspaper published one of the first political cartoons in America: a rattlesnake cut into eight sections with the words “Join or Die” below it. Each section of the snake represented a colony and was warning of the dangers of disunity. If ever there was a symbol for standing together against forces that would take our liberty, it is this.

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