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Air Force - Pint Glass

Show your drinks cabinet some Patriotic love with our limited-edition high-definition 16oz USAF pint glasses. This glassware makes the perfect, unique gift for moms and dads, brothers and sisters; soldiers on active duty, veterans, and anyone who wants to show their support for the brave warriors who defend America’s skies while pouring themselves a beer in an awesome glass. Fly-Fight-Drink in style with our Double Flag Pint Glasses. Featuring the USAF flag and Old Glory with the American Bald Eagle and 1947 in silver foil (the year of the USAF’s birth). It’s truly a gift for any blue-blooded Patriot. Need a more regal glass? Check out our USAF Missile pint glass complete with a steel winged American Bald Eagle clutching a talon-full of arrows and the US Air Force shield. Fly high with these exclusive pint glasses, seriously - no one comes close.

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Double Flag Air Force Eagle 16oz Pint Glass Glass Set Sale Price $20.95 Regular Price $25.95
Air Force USAF Missle 16oz Pint Glass Glass Set Sale Price $20.95 Regular Price $25.95

What’s the big deal with the USAF emblem and seal? It has a massive amount of history and is as old as the Air Force itself (created and approved back in 1947 by President Truman). Earlier that year, concepts for the Air Force Seal were flyered around USAF HQ. Later, a conference of thirty military top brass carefully considered which design they preferred. Initially, they wanted the Wright Brothers' airplane in the shield but after a review, decided it should be blue rather than green. They also wanted a simpler and mythological design. Arthur E. DuBois drew a sketch of the Greek god, Jupiter's thunderbolt as a suggested symbol. They fell in love with it immediately, the perfect image as a legendarymissile-like weapon that is hurled from the heavens upon Zeus or Jupiter’s enemies. What about the American Bald Eagle? Other than the symbol of America’s greatness, it represents the Air Force’s complete domination of the skies. There’s a proud and fierce independence to this great bird of prey that uniquely symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.

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