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EMS - Pilsner Glass

Why get one of our US EMS Pilsner glasses? Let’s start with the awesome-looking glass: tall and slim, our pilsner glasses make sure you can see the sparkle, clarity, and bubbles of pilsners and other delicious beers. At the same time, it helps retain a beer's head, which keeps that lush scent of great beer locked under your nose. All our 23oz pilsner glasses are made of heavy-weight glass to stand up to whatever you throw at them. They’re also printed right here in the USA, so you know these colors won’t run. But why get officially licensed EMS Glassware? We believe the volunteering heroes of paramedic and EMT teams need to be celebrated for their often overlooked contribution to saving American lives. These brave men and women stand at the threshold between life and death, making split-second decisions that keep Americans almost 20 million Americans injury-free and alive every day of the damn year. If that’s not something we should honor, we don’t know what is.

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If you’re looking for something to honor one of the worst tragedies of our century, you need to see ourEMS Blue Skies 9/11 glassware. This commemorates the loss of life during the Twin Towers terrorist attack on New York while also honoring the brave men and women who worked through several days and nights to save many more lives - these are true heroes who understood Service Before Self. The glassware features a six-pointed blue Star of Life with the Rod of Asclepius inside (that’s the snake and rod representing a mythological Greek doctor who resurrected people from the dead). It also depicts the glowing blue lights in the sky from ground zero, helping ensure that we Never Forget.