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Coast Guard - Hooded Sweat Shirt

Since 1790, the US Coast Guard has been protecting and serving our nation - acting as both a law enforcement agency and military force - keeping us safe in peacetime and war. Despite this, the USCG is the smallest branch of the US military forces, but good things come in small packages and our Coast Guard packs a lot of punch.

They’re also the first responders that provide aid to people in distress or impacted by natural and man-made disasters whether at sea or ashore. How’s that for patriotism? If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters, USCG veterans and those on active duty, or even just someone who wants to stand up and show their support of these American heroes, look no further than Shop Erazor Bits.

We’ve been making warm hooded sweatshirts with a high thread count for almost thirty years. Built with solid craftsmanship and the finest materials, you can face down a hurricane in these hoodies without even the slightest shiver (though we haven’t actually had the chance to put this to the test). Our high-definition graphics are printed right here in the USA so you can bet these colors don’t run.

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Coast Guard patriotic Flag Premium Hooded Sweat Shirt Sale Price $42.95 Regular Price $55.95
Double Flag Coast Guard Premium Hooded Sweat Shirt Sale Price $42.95 Regular Price $55.95
Coast Guard Proud To Have Served Premium Hooded Sweat Shirt Sale Price $42.95 Regular Price $55.95
USCG Coast Guard Premium Hooded Sweat Shirt 6 reviews Sale Price $42.95 Regular Price $55.95
True Heroes Coast Guard Premium Hooded Sweat Shirt Sale Price $42.95 Regular Price $55.95
US Coast Guard Second To None Premium Hooded Sweat Shirt Sale Price $42.95 Regular Price $55.95

For a classic print, check out ourSecond to None hooded sweatshirt, In deep blue, this awesome graphic featuring crossed anchors and the US flag (hello Old Glory, old friend) and the USCG flag, the design is imprinted with Semper Paratus, which means Always Faithful. For a more modern-looking hoodie, we’d recommend taking a peek at ourPatriotic Thin Red Line hoodie which features the awesome orange  MH-65 Dolphin, the US Coast Guard’s primary rescue helicopter that’s known so well for saving lives in the harshest of weather conditions. Our hoodie won’t save your life, but it’ll sure keep you warm. Try one on for size today.

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