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USMC - Apparel

Our American Freedoms and Nation’s Patriotic duties are under attack, and it’s time we stand united to defend that elite breed of warriors who protect us. Never Retreat Never Surrender.

Our merchandise is made to help you stand by the First Amendment and support the men and women who have served our country since 1775 - our Devil Dogs, our USMC, our beloved US Marine Corps. Moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans, and troops in active service know that Respect is Earned Never Given and this apparel help make that pride known and the honor we feel a commitment.

We make each of our officially licensed USMC shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies with these same ideals as the Leathernecks: unwavering standards matched with an unbeatable hardcore fighting spirit, making sacrifices beyond the call of duty.

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USMC-Semper Fidelis Premium T-Shirt 127 reviews $23.95 $31.95
USMC Brotherhood Premium T-Shirt 122 reviews $23.95 $31.95
USMC Marine Corps Rider Premium T-Shirt 123 reviews $23.95 $31.95
United We Stand Premium Men's T-Shirt 122 reviews $23.95 $31.95
USA Flag Blanket 46 reviews $29.95 $38.95
Eagle USMC Premium Men's T-Shirt 122 reviews $23.95 $31.95
Marines Gave All Premium T-Shirt 122 reviews $23.95 $31.95
USMC Second To None Premium T-Shirt 122 reviews $23.95 $31.95

Our Marine Apparel uses premium cotton with a high thread count alongside solid workmanship, making for a consistent, exceptional fit. You'll be glad to know; we print all our clothing in the great US of A. With our USMC clothing ranges - from hoodies, long sleeves, andsweatshirts, you're pretty much ready for anything. We've been honing each of our Marine Corps designs for almost thirty years, so expect warmth, lightness, and a damn fine fit. Our unique designs feature classic US Marines details like the USMC Eagle Globe & Anchor, the classic Bull Dog and Double US Flags. If you want to honor the living and commemorate the fallen, our Devil Dog clothing is here for you. Semper Fi!

Want something loud and proud? Check out our red Semper Fidelis shirt with the classic USMC American Bald Eagle, globe and anchor and semper fidelis written in silver foil. This is truly an awesome military design and one of our bestselling tees. 

If The Devil Dogs are your thing, our Bull Dog Crossed Swords hoodie is an incredibly popular as a reminder of the awesome history of the US Marine Corps. Featuring the cool crossed swords that represent the honor of their leadership in comba: one of the most symbolic items in the Marine Corps besides their awesome uniforms themselves. And why the Bull Dog? Well, according to tradition, the Marines fought so fiercely in the battle of Belleau Wood in France during the First World War that the Germans called them “teufel hunden” after the devil dogs from Bavarian folklore. The nickname “devil dogs” stuck.

If you’re looking for a mix of humor and Patriotism, you’ll love our First In, Last Out t-shirts with a deep jungle and a funny cartoon Devil Dog staring out of the shirt alongside the immortal emblem of the globe and anchor. The whole scene is crossed with two awesome M16 rifles.

For a Nordic design on the US Marines, check out our Victory or Valhalla t-shirt, depicting a viking skull and ornate helmet (complete with the globe, eagle and anchor) alongside the US Flag and Marines Flag. This is seven shades of awesome and makes an incredible gift for anyone who is interested in Viking mythology (after all, the only way into Valhalla is by dying in battle).