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Air Force - Pilsner Glass

Typically a tall, slender and tapered glass, shaped like the tip of an RGM-84 missile, these are the perfect 25oz glasses for capturing the sparkling colors of a Pils while maintaining its head. And what’s more, our officially licensed high-definition prints make these any Patriot’s go-to glasses. They’re truly the perfect gift for any mom or dad, brother or sister - veteran or serviceman in active duty. Check out our Double Flag Pilsner glasses if you’re looking for a handsome glass featuring an awesome American Bald Eagle, Old Glory, the Air Force Flag, and 1947 - the year of the founding of the US Air Force. We’ve an awesome alternative to this with a silver foil American Bald Eagle and the awesome USAF emblem of wings and arrows - great for any high flyers out there.

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Double Flag Air Force Eagle 23oz Pilsner Glass Glass Set Sale Price $25.95 Regular Price $29.95
Air Force USAF Missle 23oz Pilsner Glass Glass Set 11 reviews Sale Price $25.95 Regular Price $29.95

You’ve probably noticed, we’ve kept our pilsner glasses clean and classic with the USAF emblem. The seal has an awesome history. In September 1947, early drawings of the Air Force Seal were exhibited around USAF HQ. Later, a conference of approximately 30 high-ranking brass carefully considered the preferred one. The participants evaluated an Air Force seal with a green-colored background with a Wright Brothers' airplane in the shield. After review, they decided that the background of the Department of the Air Force Seal should be blue rather than green (reminding them of the wideblue yonder skies), and that a more symbolic design should be substituted. During these discussions, Arthur E. DuBois of the Military planning picked up the design and on its reverse side made a pencil sketch of Jupiter's thunderbolt as a suggested symbol. When the Air Force representatives saw the pencil sketch and understood its significance - mainly the symbol of “death from above” and the majesty of the Greek god, they agreed to adopt that design as the basic symbol for the Air Force Seal instead of the Wright Brothers' airplane.

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