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EMS - Pint Glass

If you’re looking for the perfect glassware to hold a toast to the brave men and women in the US EMS, EMT, and Paramedic teams - you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve been making officially licensed Emergency Medical Services glasses for almost thirty years, and we’re not stopping now. Each of our heavy-weight glasses is made for toughness and resiliency to stand up to whatever the world throws at them, just like our damn fine EMS teams.  These heroes treat nearly 20 million Americans every year, many of whom suffer from complex medical or traumatic conditions that need the extensive knowledge, skill, and split-second judgment that only these dedicated teams can provide. Since 1922 and the founding of the EMS network, these unsung American heroes have been saving our asses, but things can only get better if these teams have the support from American patriots like you and me. So let’s stand up and celebrate them 365 days a year and not just on EMS week (which is May 16 to May 23, for anyone wondering).

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Heroes EMS 16oz Pint Glass Glass Set Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Volunteer EMS 16oz Pint Glass Glass Set Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Tribute High Honor Red EMS 16oz Pint Glass Glass Set Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
EMS On Call For Life 16oz Pint Glass Glass Set Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95

OurVolunteer EMS pint glass makes the perfect gift for EMS veterans and those who still serve our great nation and whom you’d like to thank for their service. They’re also great for anyone who wants to stand up and support our paramedic and ambulance teams—featuring the glowing blue six-pointed Star of Life, the universal symbol of emergency medical care, which represents the six main tasks executed by medical services rescuers all through the emergency chain. Inside the star is the snake and staff, which symbolizes the Rod of Asclepius, named after a mythological Greek doctor who was thought to be the son of Apollo and known for resurrecting the dead. We can’t think of a better symbol to represent these brave men and women.

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