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Poker - Signs & Decals

While poker has been popular for over 200 years, the card game has evolved over these past few decades. It’s moved from a simple game of cards for entertainment to a stone-cold, full-fledged profession that pays pretty well. Today, big-time poker players are definitely in it to win it, and a few skilled professionals actually make a living from it. There are American poker tournaments - both online and in casinos - where celebrities are born in the game and revered by fans who find this to be the best spectator sport there is out there. It’s an excellent opportunity to watch and learn as the players don their poker faces, hidden behind a pair of shades while trying to recognize their opponents’ tells. There aren’t many other games that have such a strong link to our language - from folding, cashing in your chips, playing your cards right; even raising the stakes and showing one’s hand - these phrases are a demonstration that poker is here to stay and remains the greatest card game on Earth.

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Liquor Upfront Poker in the Rear Aluminium Sign Decor 38 reviews Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95

We know that finding the perfect decal for your automobile, bike, truck, helicopter, or even tank can be pretty tricky. You’ll want something that celebrates your passion for poker but isn’t dull, a design that holds up in any weather while also looking fantastic. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. Lucky for you, we’ve been making funny poker bumper stickers for almost thirty years. Each of our reflective decals is made with ultra-adhesive glue making them great for any outdoor environment - even under the waterline. They’re also high-definition prints (made right here in the USA), so you can be sure these are built to last.

These poker signs and decals make excellent gifts for friends and coworkers, moms and dads and brothers and sisters - anyone who loves trying their luck with a few hands of this awesome game, no matter if it’s Omaha or Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud, brag or 5 Card Draw. Check out our I’ve got the Nutz decal featuring a cute squirrel saying “I’ve got the Nutz, and I’m All In” while standing on a pair of nuts and holding a winning pair of aces (you can feel the chips raining down on the rascal!). Any card player worth their salt understands the nuts and that assured feeling of winning the pot. If you’re looking for another design to lighten the mood, check out our Know When to Hold ‘Em for a funny design, referencing the incredible Kenny Rogers song, ‘The Gambler. ’ while this sounds like a Rogers original, it was actually written by Don Schlitz. These lyrics are now part of the American poker landscape. Some might not know that Kenny Rogers sang it, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone at the baize table who can’t recite at least part of it.

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