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If you drive past any river, lake, or beach, odds are you will find people, even entire families, gathered along the shore or in their boats with rods in the water. Fishing is, after all, one of America’s most enduring pastimes, something in which people of all ages can participate - fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters all enjoy the thrill of the catch.

It’s an activity that millions of families and friends enjoy each and every year as a way to have fun together and spend time in the great outdoors. But fishing is more than just an adventurous escape.

It’s the foundation of an industry that supports more than 800,000 jobs involved in the manufacture, sale, or provision of angling products and services, such as bait and tackle retailers, boat builders, restaurants, and so much more.It’s an industry that puts food on the table for Americans up and down the country and even exports abroad (who doesn’t love the taste of grouper!)

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And suppose you want to get a little patriotic. In that case, the world should be thanking America’s anglers for enjoying clean, healthy lakes, rivers, and oceans teeming with a variety of fish and shorebird species since it’s their dollars that provide the bulk of the funding for our nation’s fisheries and natural water landscapes. That’s why we need to celebrate and support America’s fishing industry so the long tradition continues. With this in mind, you’ll love our fishing apparel. Our shirts and long sleeves are made with solid workmanship to ensure they withstand whatever the seas, lakes, or rivers throw at them. Our hoodies are a 50/50 pre-shrunk blend with a high thread count to keep you warm whether you’re on a boat in Miami or ice fishing in Alaska. We've been honing each of our designs for almost thirty years, so expect warmth, lightness, and a damn fine fit.  And you'll be glad to know; we print all our clothing in the USA. It’s why this fishing makes such an excellent gift for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters - really anyone who loves the feeling of a bite at the end of the line.

One of our most popular designs has to be the Beyond the Break t-shirt range featuring a Mahi dolphin fish (not an actual dolphin, mind you). The colors on this shirt are mindblowing, with the bright yellow-green fish just about to take the bait from the line. It’s a shirt that is a fantastic talking point for all sea fishermen.

If you’ve ever been down south, you’ll know the incredible taste of baked catfish - our Wicked Catfish captures those weird-looking beasties hook line and sinker with a high definition print. Our Murky Water Catfishhoodie is a perfect choice for something warmer, showing those South Carolina and Louisiana bayou waters with a silver line that’s hooked one of them. It gives us a little thrill just to see it illustrated, which is why it makes an excellent gift for anyone serious about their fishing. Come get some today.