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Air Force - Glassware

Fly, fight, and take a long drink of American Freedom with our USAF glassware sets (Second to None tankards, pint, shot, and pilsner glasses). These make the perfect gifts for moms and dads, veterans and those on active duty, and anyone who feels the Honor and Pride in our the United States Air Force and the sacrifices these men and women make every day of the year since 1947. These brave American brothers and sisters have been defending our Liberty and Freedoms from those who would take it, so stand up and celebrate them.

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If you’re having a flight of shots, ourDouble Flag Air Force shooter set is the LGM-30 missile in your arsenal - featuring a high definition American Bald Eagle with the American Flag twinned with the Air Force flag - it makes even Absinthe look good. Featuring the Old Glory United States Flag and a high definition American Bald Eagle rising out of the clouds. The incredibly detailed silver plating says “Defending America’s Freedoms Since 1947.”

Want a glass that’s damn good for toasting? Look no further than our USAF missiletankard - with its crest and shield, steel wings, silver foil, and arrows - you know you’re getting an awesome officially licensed USAF glass that’ll be the talk of your BBQ. Made of high-quality, heavy-weighted glass (like the canopy glass in a F15 jet fighter), you don’t have to be a jet pilot to love this glassware but it helps. Aim High and Drink Deep.

You’ll see the Eagle features heavily on our US Air Force but why? Other than filling us with patriotic joy, it represents the Air Force’s domination of the skies. There’s also a fierce beauty and proud independence to this great bird of prey and that uniquely symbolizes the strength and freedom of America. The crest design used on the shield can be a little difficult to understand, but it portrays the mythological thunderbolt, also termed Zeus or Jupiter's thunderbolt. Jupiter was the Roman God of the Heavens who ruled the skies and everything beneath them (someone you wouldn’t want to mess around with). This glassware design always gets people talking, good thing you’ll have a drink in your hand.