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Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard are some of the most uncredited true heroes of America. Every year, these first responders put their lives on the line in saving more than 4,000 lives. These teams are unrecognized warriors and defenders of our great nation, and it’s time to celebrate ‘em. We’ve got just the thing, show your pride today with our officially licensed limited edition USCG apparel (shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies) and Coast Guard gear. Check out our merchandise for the perfect USCG gift today.

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Service Above Self

Predating the US Navy and almost every other federal branch, the Coast Guard dates back to 1790 (check out our sweet vintage USCG tee that shows this). Their incredible and distinguished service helped lead to the formation of our great nation, and they’ve been at it for over 200 years. Today, their service has always been Semper Paratus (Always Ready) to serve our Nation - whether at war or in peacetime. 

More Done With Less

Facts matter. The USCG defends the vast 95,000 miles of U.S. coastline - from Alaska to Florida - with just under 40,500 active-duty members. Let’s put that in perspective - these numbers are less than the NYPD. In addition to protecting our coastlines, the USCG operates in Japan, Iraq, and even Europe - how’s that for hardcore service? 

Sink then Swim

The USCG is renowned for being a group of hardcore swimmers. Over half the people who try out to be rescue swimmers will fail. Fitness standards for rescue swimmers include being able to function for thirty minutes in heavy, roiling seas. Swimmers must think under pressure: performing tough tasks, and react, while submerged, holding their breath, and being tossed around by high waves. It’s this sea-hardened spirit that makes our USCG fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, tougher than the rivets in a battleship. 

Always Ready

It’s hard not to get a little teary-eyed at the awesome USCG flag. It’s why we’ve combined the design with the immortal Union Anchor on our Coast Guard gear. Adopted in 1964, the shield’s powerful emblem describes how these men and women defend our country. Inscribed in an arc above the eagle is "United States Coast Guard"; below the eagle is the Coast Guard motto, SEMPER PARATUS (meaning "Always Ready") and beneath that the numerals 1790 the year in which the USCG’s ancestor, the US Revenue Cutter Service, was founded. 

Never Give Up and Never Fail

Seen a smuggler off the coastline? Pirates seize your oil rig? Your cutter just hit an iceberg? It’s the USCG who’ll be saving your ass. Being both a law enforcement agency and a military force - there ain’t no one else like the US Coast Guard. Defending against terrorist threats, protecting our marine environments, and rescuing people in harsh conditions are just a few slices of daily life for them. They deserve our respect and our admiration, so show your pride in them today. Our premium Coast Guard t-shirts are an excellent way of telling the world you Support our Forces without even opening your mouth. 

Fair Winds and Following Seas

If you need to brave the elements, you won’t find a stronger defense than our Coast Guard apparel. The fabric of our USCG hoodies locks in the warm air close to your skin - preventing the heat from escaping. You’ll find that same quality in our Coast Guard sweatshirts and crewnecks - matching softness with a high-thread-count to keep you feeling good outside - whatever the weather. 

Guardian Angels

Looking for a step up in Coast Guard PT gear? Our officially-licenced USCG gear is bound to turn heads faster than a cyclone. With eye-catching decals emblazoned with the Coast Guard core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion, we know these are words to live and die by. We’ve also Coast Guard tees featuring the USCG’s Guardian Angel - the MH-65 Dolphin helicopter (clocking in a cool 1.5 million flight hours since its construction in 1980). Nothing says Search and Rescue like the sight of this familiar orange chopper.  

Defend our US Forces

Ever get the feeling America’s support for the Armed Forces is sinking? We do, and it’s time to put a stop to it. Every day of the year, these bold sons and daughters of America make the sacrifices needed to keep our great country afloat. The idea of this approval waning makes us want to stand up and be counted. We know you feel the same. Let those serving and our fine USCG veterans know you stand with them today.