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EMS - Reflective Decal

Need an incredible decal that celebrates the brave work of America’s EMS, EMT and paramedic services? You’ve come to the right place, welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve been making awesome high-definition and officially licensed EMS bumper stickers for almost thirty years so you can trust in us - these stickers are made to last and show your pride wherever you put them. Many of our Patriotic fans stick these on their windows, automobiles, boats (yep, you can put these below the waterline), even helicopters. Don’t miss out on these awesome decals, made to show your pride in our life-saving heroes. As the horrors of the pandemic have proved, these heroes know how to keep us safe.

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Unsure which design to choose? Check out ourBadge of Honorreflective decal. Featuring the great mottos “Service Before Self” and “On Call For Life” combined with the bright and shining EMS logo. These make great gifts for the men and women who fight off the Grim Reaper every day of the year. For those who want to commemorate the lives lost and the hard battles won by our EMS teams,the 9/11 Decal features Ground Zero in New York and two beacons of light to represent the Twin Towers. We will never forget.

Our EMS Hero decal is one of our all-time bestsellers. It depicts an American Bald Eagle (the symbol of America) with its wings shielding the glowing blue Star of Life and the snake entwined around a staff. But what do these symbols mean? The serpent with a rod symbolizes Asclepius, the mythological Greek god. He was Apollo's son and a Greek doctor and was widely known in legend for his healing powers and ability to resurrect the dead - truly the perfect symbol for our brave American heroes’ dedication and hard work. The Star of Life was created back in 1977 by Leo Schwartz. Each of the six branches of the star represents the parts of the EMS.