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USMC - Long Sleeve

Show the world your Patriotic Pride and help defend those who sacrifice so much America day-in, day-out with our officially licensed USMC long sleeve shirts. There’s more to our country’s patriotism than long-sleeves, but they’re a great place to start. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits; we’ve been making military long-sleeve shirts for almost 30 years.

Our Marine shirt designs make the perfect gift for men and women, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters - whether Devil Dogs in active service protecting our nation or US Marine veterans who are Proud to Have Served.

You’ll find our officially licensed grunt-style Marine Corps long-sleeves warm and tough and an incredibly comfortable fit. Ready to stand united with True American Patriots? We’ve got your six with these awesome shirts.

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Looking for a classic US Marines long sleeve shirt? We recommend our limited-editionDouble Flag shirt featuring the American Flag (good Old Glory) twinned with the Marines Flag. In the centre, the incredible American Bald Eagle embossed in gold that strikes terror into our enemies around the globe. The distressed font reading Marines Brotherhood gives the shirt a timeless feel.

For history-buff, check out our Second to None long sleeve shirt range. Featuring a porthole and the USMC emblem with 1775 written in a thick silver font. This notable year saw the founding of the USMC when Congress ordered two battalions of Marines to be raised for service as landing forces with the fleet. As a reminder that Marines have participated in all wars of the United States, being in most instances first into battle, the design is bannered with First to Fight in a cool college font.

If you like the Devil Dogs, you’ll love our premium Teufel Hunden longsleeve in red. This awesome shirt depicts a silver devil dog with a barbed wire background alongside the motto Always Faithful. We’ve also another awesome cartoon bull dog cartoon design with our Once a Marine, Always a Marine black long sleeve design.