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Is there more to life than poker? If there is, we’re yet to find it. Whether you’re playing online, at the casino, or just a few ‘friendly’ hands with friends, our poker merchandise will keep the room laughing while you take the pot. We’ve been making Poker clothing, stoneware and glassware since 1997 - that’s almost thirty years of knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. Lucky for you, these gifts just keep on selling. Get your limited edition print today.

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Show Your Hand

Many people in the world think poker is gambling when it’s a game of confidence and skill. These shirts are all about sending the right message, giving you the ace in the hole, and making you the center of attention - shifting the balance on other players who are unsure as to your hand while you quickly clean the house. If you’re a recent winner, nothing unseats an opponent like saying, “I bought this new shirt with your money.” 

Keep a Stone Face

If you’re looking for a fine gift set for a birthday or anniversary - our poker glassware and stoneware sets are a great choice. They remind you of the good hands you’ve held over your morning coffee (perfect if it’s been a late-night), and our pint glasses, shot glasses, and tankards complement your table perfectly if you’re still up playing and burning the midnight oil. 

Are You All-In?

Do you know what one of the world’s most expensive poker buy-ins was? Guy Laliberte, the co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil, decided to go for broke when he hosted a $1 million buy-in tournament in 2012. It may have sounded like a raw deal at first, but 48 players finally participated in the Rio Casino tournament in Las Vegas. The winner, "The Magician" Antonio Esfandiari, took home a record of $18,346,673. If that doesn’t make you want to break out the cards for a game tonight, we don’t know what will. 

Play Your Cards Right

Women, whiskey, and cards are the American Dream, and you’ll find that with many of our poker clothing collections. Check out our popular “Liquor Up Front” shirts, long sleeves and hoodies with a cute girl, a big bottle of Tennesse’s finest, and a flush so royal; the British want it back. This design is definitely up there with our “Know When to Hold ‘Em” designs (with the lyrics from the awesome Kenny Rogers’ song ‘The Gamber’) - good advice if we ever heard it. These shirts hark back to the glory days of casinos and make a great talking point whether you’re trying your hand at the table or elsewhere. 

America: The Home of Poker

Like jazz music and cocktails, poker got its early start in New Orleans. No one knows precisely when the first hand was played, but historians believe that the game as we know it today developed in the early 1800s in Louisiana. Popularised as “poque” among the territory’s French speakers, the name poker evolved following more English-speaking settlers after 1803. 

It’s hard to pinpoint precisely when and where the first round of Texas Hold’em was played, but that didn’t stop the Texas State Legislature from passing a resolution in May 2007 declaring the south Texas city Robstown as the game’s birthplace. Despite this, it’s actually illegal to play poker in Texas. The state has strict regulations against online gambling of all forms, though that doesn’t stop everyone from playing... It’s now thought 70 million Americans play poker live or online every year - that’s more than 20% of the US population trying their hand. 

Play the Best Hand You Can

It doesn’t matter what you’re playing; you’ll want a poker shirt or hoodie that keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat of the moment. There’s nothing worse than your adversary noticing you’re hot under the collar. Our shirts are made with this in mind and won’t let you down. With a high thread and stitch count, they’re super soft and comfortable but also lightweight. Made from a premium cotton blend, our poker hoodies will keep their shape and style whatever you throw at them, ensuring you stay calm and take the whole pot.  

Ready to Win?

Get your lucky poker shirt from Shop Erazor Bits today. While we can’t promise you’ll have a dead man’s hand in every game (you know, it would be boring otherwise), we can make sure you’re looking damn good every time you play.