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Poker - T-shirts

Ever play a hand of poker? We’re sure you do. In the USA alone, more than 75 million people are playing this game every year, basically 20% of the entire American population. In Brazil, the Ministry of Sport officially recognizes poker as a serious mind game, one that “requires concentration, training, and study.” We think it’s high time the rest of the world felt the same.

That’s why we started making these t-shirts at Erazor Bits. To show your pride (and humor) in the greatest game on Earth - whether you’re playing Texas Hold ‘Em, straight, blind, or even strip!

Hold Em Girl Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Ace Cracker Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Aces Up Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Player Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
The Nutz Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Player Deablo Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Dealer Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Grinder Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95
Hello Ladies Premium T-Shirt from $22.95 $29.95

We know that luck is what you make it, and Poker is all about outwitting your opponents. If that’s your game plan, you’ll love our shirts. Made of 100% premium cotton, they’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable. We’ve been making poker clothing for almost thirty years, so we know what we’re doing. These make fun gifts for dads and brothers; birthdays, anniversaries, or even a treat for yourself. You’ll find our high-definition prints a dream to look at, and as you might imagine, our shirts are printed right here in the USA, so you know you’re getting a quality design.   

So what are you in the mood for? One of our most popular shirts has to be our The Nutz shirt with literally the cutest little squirrel in a pair of expensive shades standing on a pair of hairy nuts… Well, you get the image; the text says, “I’ve got the Nuts, and I’m All In.” Suppose you’re looking for a shirt that exudes confidence (and makes you that much more difficult to “tell”), then this is the shirt for you.  If you’re looking for a fun design, check out our Know When to Holdthem shirt, which will have the whole room laughing (as you steal their chips).