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Looking for the finest in Military Apparel and Accessories? Hell yeah, you're in the right place. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers - we all know someone who’s served. Let your Patriotic passion and duty for the fine men and women who protect this Great Nation shout loud and proud with our officially licensed military clothing apparel and homeware.
Get ready to stand out from the crowd: you won't find this merchandise anywhere else and we know what we’re doing - celebrating American Freedoms since 1993.

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Home Of The Free Because of the Brave Patriotic Face Mask 44 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
I Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Fallen Face Mask 43 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Freedom Is Never Free Premium Men's T-Shirt 43 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
USA Flag Blanket 43 reviews Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Don't Tread On Me Premium Reflective Decal 43 reviews Sale Price $6.50 Regular Price $9.95
Stand For The Flag Kneel And Take Aim Premium Men's T-Shirt 44 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
True Hero Pow Mia Premium Men's T-Shirt 43 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
Dogs Of Valor This We'll Defend Pit Bull Premium T-Shirt 43 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
Never Forget Fallen Soldier Premium Men's T-Shirt 45 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
Soldiers Cross Reflective Decal 43 reviews Sale Price $6.50 Regular Price $9.95
United We Stand Premium Reflective Decal 43 reviews Sale Price $6.50 Regular Price $9.95
Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Premium Reflective Decal 44 reviews Sale Price $6.50 Regular Price $9.95
These Color Don't Run Premium Reflective Decal Sale Price $6.50 Regular Price $9.95
Double Flag Eagle Pow Premium Men's T-Shirt 44 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
Death From Above Premium Men's T-Shirt 43 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
Soldier No One Get Left Behind Premium Men's T-Shirt 43 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95

Activewear for Active Duty

Since this great nation's beginnings, the American military has defended our freedoms and liberties with Faith, Courage, and Honor. Now, in these troubled times, they need our support more than ever - whether on foreign or domestic soil; veterans, those on active duty, or our boys in reserve - we're here to thank the living and honor the fallen. 

For Freedom Above Fashion

Whatever your size or style, we have something for everyone. Want to show your heart on your sleeve? Try our rugged and durable premium military t-shirts for all-day comfort. Maybe you want warmer apparel while showing your American Pride? Our long-sleeves, hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts are the perfect solutions, come rain or shine. Need a fully adjustable and reusable facemask? Our 2-ply filter masks let you speak your truth without opening your mouth. How’s that for freedom?

We only use the finest quality materials combined with solid workmanship for an exceptional fit. We're firm believers you can look damn good while speaking your mind. These items are all printed in the USA. 

Gifts for the Mancave

We e've also stock an incredible range of accessories you've got to see to believe. Our exclusive barware, glassware, and stoneware gift sets are perfect for getting everyone talking at your weekend cookout. Nothing says The World's Greatest Military Superpower like an ice-cold beer from one of our military tankards. Our coasters and mugs are sure to make that morning cup of joe taste that much better. 

Toweling Down

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweltering July 4th or cold Thanksgiving; our patriotic towels and blankets support American Freedoms 365 days a year. Our USA Flag and Don’t Tread on Me blankets prove immensely popular among our patriotic fans and make fine gifts whatever the occasion. Come get some. 

Represent the Corps

Our US Marines shirts are some of our bestselling apparel and it’s easy to see why. Men, women - all hardcore Patriots love these grunt-style designs that make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. Semper Fi is more than a motto - it’s a way of life. 

Support our Troops

Over the last 200 years, the US Army’s readiness to defend our liberties has unified patriots across this land and that tradition continues today - from Europe to Vietnam to Iraq. Speak your truth with our US Army shirts and apparel. Stand up and be counted among your countrymen: “This we’ll defend.”

Stand United with our Navy

Founded by George Washington, the US Navy now boasts the world’s largest fleet - we outgun every country in terms of bullets and manpower, defending freedoms above and beneath every sea there is. Hell yeah. Our latest Navy apparel features fantastic USN hoodies, SEALS, and Seabees shirts with both vintage and modern designs. Get stuck in. 

Fly High with the US Air Force

Our air force clothing and accessories push our graphic designs to great heights (pun intended), boosting morale amongst veterans and serving airmen and instilling fear in the enemy. Soar like our great American Eagles and ace pilots with our USAF shirts and officially-licensed Airforce apparel, you won’t find better. 

Honor our Coast Guard

For those who patrol and protect America’s borders and waters every day should never be forgotten. These brave men and women respond to an incredible 20,000 Search and Rescue missions and save about 4,000 lives every year. Let them know your dedication and support with our USCG apparel and Coast Guard shirts - brothers, it’s time to join the watch. Always Ready. 

For Military Shirts, Hoodies & Gifts - We’re Here for You 

Take back your God-Given right to Free Speech and keep our Great Nation together by supporting the forces. You don't have to be serving or a veteran to wear our fine military apparel, but you do have to be a Patriot. Try one on for size today.