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General Military - Hooded Sweat Shirt

What do you look for in a good hoodie? Warmth? Lightness? A design that keeps its shape? We offer all this and more with our officially licensed Military Sweatshirts so you can support your right to patriotism and celebrate the armed forces while feeling damn comfortable.

At Shop Erazor Bits, we’ve been making hooded sweatshirts with incredible Armed Forces graphics for almost thirty years. Each of our hoodies is built with solid workmanship and fabric with a high thread count to make sure it stands the test of time (seriously, think tanks and clothing and you’re in the right ballpark). What’s more, each of our designs is printed right here in the USA.

They make awesome presents for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans (whether soldiers who are Proud to Have Served in Vietnam, Gulf War or Iraqi War), and anyone who believes we need to stand up and show our solidarity with the men and women - heroes all - who protect our Freedom, Liberty and American ways of life.

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For our limited edition commemorative9/11 Never Forget hoodie, we recognize the sacrifice and cost of Freedom that many soldiers have paid. Featuring a soldier kneeling by his compatriots’ dog tags and boots with the Twin Towers’ ground zero lit up in blue behind him, it says “In memory of our fallen brothers, you will never be forgotten.” If ever there was a hoodie that really speaks its mind, it’s this one. OurTrue Heroes hooded sweatshirt is another design that gets alot of traction which honors those brave soldiers who have been made POW (Prisoners of War) in battle. The design features the American Bald Eagle and the stars and stripes of Old Glory in the backdrop with the words “The True Heroes Are The Ones Who Never Made It Home.” If that’s not a resonant message, we don’