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General Military - Shot Glass

Just as there are classy glasses for cocktails and discerning glasses for sipping whiskeys, there is superior glassware for shooting your spirits. Your shooter collection shouldn't just be limited to weird trinkets you pick up from far-flung tourist shops, you’ll want a glass that speaks your mind about the things you care about. That’s why you need our officially licensed Military Glassware. These 2oz shooters are made of heavy weighted superior quality glass so you know you’re getting a bang for your buck. They make great toasting glasses, whatever arm of the US Armed Forces your drinking to - Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy or Army (and as of 2019, the newest fully-fledged member - Space Force).

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Each of our glasses features a high definition graphic (printed right here in the USA) and you better believeThese Colors Don’t Run. They’re made of stronger stuff - just like the men and women in the US military that’s been defending American Freedoms since the Revolutionary War in 1775 and continue to keep the world ticking over to this very day.

If you’re looking to honor and commemorate the brave veterans who have been POW (prisoners of war), MIA (missing in action), or have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country? Our premium True Hero POW shot glass is perfect for raising a glass to these American Heroes. It thanks the brave heroes for their service while recognizing the hardships they’ve faced and overcome. Thanking veterans and those on active duty for their service is part of our American way of life. But we think we can work harder at this. We remember that the high price of freedom is a cost paid by a brave few and while we know it’s not much, we’ve made a shot glass to show our gratitude. Oorah.