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Navy - Glassware

Established in 1775, the United States Navy is the largest and most powerful navy in the world. Anchor down your support for the brave heroes in the United States Navy by letting your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors see you proudly promote not only the values and ideas that you personally stand for, but more importantly, your patriotic support for the core values and ideals that our United States Navy stands for. Perfect for BBQs, birthdays, family gatherings, holidays, poker nights or even watching the game at home alone, these heavy-weighted, high-quality glasses will ensure that your pride will run deep as the Badge of the United States shines bright for all to see. We don’t have to tell you that this is something you can really hold your glass up to. If like us, you feel American Values are at stake and you too want to support and defend our liberties, you can do your bit as a true American to honor the real heroes who ensure our country’s safety is upheld by supporting the USN today.

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US Navy Full Print Eagle 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95
Double Flag Eagle Navy Shield 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95

Choose from an extensive range of premium limited-edition officially licensed glassware sets;The US Navy Full Print Eagle set is a timeless design. With an American Shield showing the unmistakable red, white and blue, gold anchors holding strong with the legendary motto ‘The Sea is Ours’ on full display for all to see, these glassware sets are only suitable for the real Patriots! Or, if you want a drink in a glass that has two iconic symbols of American freedom - the American Bald Eagle and the American Flag - then theDouble Flag Eagle Navy Shield glassware set with both USN Flag and the US Flag, will double your support for our brave nation. Semper Fortis! Or for a more traditional design,The Sea is Ours glassware set is one that displays the proud American morals behind the phrase ‘Not for self but for country’ with its vintage Navy badge and two American Flags front and center for all to see.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that represents core American Values then net one of these stunning glassware sets that will sink our enemies! Whether you need shooter sets or shot glasses for those nights that never end, or something bigger like a Pilsner Glass or Tankard that will last as long as you do, then we have the officially licensed United States Navy glassware set for any constitution. This easy-to-clean glassware can also be used for commercial use - suitable for any restaurant, bar, pub, club and any event space, people will be toasting long into the night and their pride will run as deep as the drinks do. At Shop Erazor Bits we’ve been making items for Patriotic Americans for almost thirty years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Sail away with us to support our veterans and the brave men and women who are still in active service today - The Sea is Ours!

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