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EMS-EMT Merchandise

Standing on the borders between life and death, our US EMS and paramedic teams save millions of American lives every day. Whether it’s treating wounds, performing advanced life support, or even delivering babies - these highly skilled professionals have an incredibly tough job that we often forget until we’re in need of their help. At Shop Erazor Bits, we want to change that.

With a vast collection of EMS, EMT, and Paramedic apparel and merchandise, we have everything you need to show your support for the men and women in blue. We have officially-licensed t-shirts, sweatshirts, glassware and barware to help you make your pride known.

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Saving Lives Since 1865

The first volunteer ambulance service started in Cincinnati back in 1865 - followed by one in NY four years later. New York’s EMS was kinda different from modern services - they would arrive on the scene ready with a quart of emergency brandy for each patient. In the wake of World War I, the 1920s saw volunteer rescue squads starting up in locations such as Virginia and New Jersey. In the 60s, American EMS really took off as automobile accidents led to considerable trauma and loss of life. CPR for cardiac patients also became the standard for paramedic and EMT teams - saving thousands of lives every year. There are now over 240,000 EMS workers in the US rescuing our hides. We have a lot to be thankful for. 

Your Life in their Hands

Whether it’s EMS dispatchers, Ambulance drivers, EMT teams, or anyone who’s on the scene when people are in their greatest hour of crisis - all have their part to play in saving lives. We consider it our Patriotic Duty to show our gratitude for these literal life-savers. Our EMS t-shirts and long sleeves help you to do this with style. The designers are all printed right here in America; you’ll find them tasteful and good-looking and just like our fine First Responders: these colors don’t run. 

Breathe Easy

Each of our EMT tees is made to withstand the hardships of everyday life. With every Shop Erazor Bits shirt, you’re getting premium shrunk cotton with a high thread count that is utterly breathable: keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. You’ll find each of our shirts soft to the touch and yet firm enough to hold their shape for years to come. 

Take the Heat

If you’re looking to brave the cold as well as the heat - you won’t find better than our EMS sweatshirts and Paramedic hoodies. These iconic designs keep you looking great while our soft, tight-knit keeps you warm while standing the test of time. In a limited-edition blue cotton blend, get your On Call for Life hoodie while stocks last. Another of our indelible sweatshirts that proves incredibly popular has to be our First Responder Ghost Flag hoodie with its bold use of the American Flag and the Rod of Asclepius - this is a top choice for American Patriots.  

Drink to Remember

We know it’s tough to find the perfect gift for EMS teams. That’s why we’ve now made a range of EMT, Paramedic, and EMS glassware, stoneware, and barware that shows your gratitude, pride, and commemoration in their daily sacrifices. Our Tribute High Honor glassware set commemorates the brave men and women who put their lives on the line in the horrors of 9/11. It’s been twenty years since that terrible day, but we will never forget it. For early morning coffees - you’ll love our EMS mugs and coasters. Both the stoneware and detailed design decals are made for longevity. 

Beyond the Call of Duty

We all dread making the call and hearing that voice down the line: “911 - what’s your emergency please?” but when those blue lights flash and the sirens blare, America’s emergency services are first on the scene. These heroes keep cool heads and maintain leadership and authority - where any mistake can result in failure and often death. We think of them as guardian angels: showing courage and composure, placing service above self, time and time again. The very least we can do is thank them for their service.