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Past and present, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers - our US Navy shirts and apparel commemorate and support the proud history and traditions of our United States Navy. With over 30 years of experience creating officially licensed USN gift sets, tees, and clothing - no one does exclusive Navy merchandise like Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve got something to suit your Boots, Nukes, Sardine, and Salty Dog needs. Come get some today!

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Forged by the Sea 

There are fewer things more primal and powerful than the sea. Our oceans span incredible distances and depths - they destroy, create and change the shape of our planet. These elements are the hallmarks of our fine US Navy - men and women, all sailors who are bestowed with the honor of protecting the World’s freedoms and liberties and defending the American Ways of Life every damn day of the year. 

Whether active service personnel or veterans, onshore or at sea, we believe the US Navy is part of something bigger - and we want to pay tribute to their service and sacrifice with our customized USN apparel. 

Anytime - Anywhere - Any Weather

Life at sea can run damn hot or icy cold, and our brave men and women sailors have to be prepared for any eventuality. If you’re looking for warmer US Navy merch, check out our selection of popular US Navy long-sleeves, USN hoodies, crewnecks, and sweaters. If you’re looking to show your Patriotic pride and military duty during all weather conditions and across all seasons, you won’t find better. 

Anchors Away! 

One good thing about a USN tshirt over a Navy tattoo? You can swap it out for another design whenever you want, so you never get bored of showing off your pride. Whether you’re interested in just the unfading glory of the US Navy logo, our Vintage Navy designs, a sweet Veteran Sailor shirt, or a more Badass Biker Navy shirt design - we’ve got what you’re looking for. The fine men and women of our US Navy protect our open seas, our coastlines, and so much more - the least we can do is show them our respect with great fitting USN clothing. 

The Sea is Ours

Currently, the US Navy includes over 320,000 active men and women and 110,000 personnel, making it the world’s largest navy. We’ve also a formidable fleet at our disposal with 288 battle force ships, 10 hi-tech aircraft carriers, 72 submarines, and 3,700 aircraft. How’s that for World Domination! Just like this Military Superpower, don a Navy shirt that says ‘Don’t mess with me.’  

Our Pride Runs Deep 

We do more than just US Navy shirts and apparel. You can now show your passion for our Seabees and sailors in your home with our exclusive range of gifts. The United States Navy: on the land, sea, and now in your glassware and stoneware. Looking for the perfect tankard for drinking with buddies? We got you covered. Need a sweet Navy mug for that fresh cup of joe? We have thousands of fine Americans testifying the quality of these USN gifts; don’t miss out. 

Physically Ready for the Everyday

The search for the perfect Navy apparel is an eternal struggle: poor fit, shrinkage, poor stitching, and cheap fabric are completely disappointing. At Shop Erazor Bits, we feel you shouldn’t settle for less. If you’re wearing one of our designs, you can expect extreme quality, and just like our forces united under the Stars and Stripes: These Colors Don’t Run.

Let the Journey Begin

The US Navy is about more than just defending our seas. The institution stands for the Honor, Courage, and Commitment it takes to win and win again. It’s a rallying cry for working together as a single unit for a greater goal, bearing true faith and loyalty to America, and standing up to endure hardships for what is right. This is the way of the USA. 

We feel it’s high-time more Americans speak up for these values, defend these freedoms and the people they represent. From our USN hoodies to our Veteran t-shirts, our Navy apparel is made to help you wear your heart on your sleeve and shout your pride. As they say in the Navy: ‘the only easy day was yesterday.’ Amen.