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2nd Amendment - Reflective Decal

Are you ready to make the most of your First Amendment while proudly stating your (gun) rights to the Second? Hell yeah, welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve been making incredible 2A decals for almost thirty years and there’s no stopping us now. Whether you’re a fan of shotguns, rifles, bows, AR15s, or blunderbusses, stand up for your right to bear arms and the US constitution without even saying a thing. Each of our graphics is made in high-definition with full color and printed right here in the USA. Where are you thinking of putting yours? They look sweet on motorbikes, speedboats (yep, you can stick these decals below the waterline), and even your M1 Abrams tank (we’re still waiting for one to come up on eBay). These truly make great gifts for pro-gun and Patriotic moms and dads - anyone who concealed carries or keeps their polished Winchester back at the ranch knows precisely what we’re saying.

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One of our bestselling decals has to be the2nd Amendment Brotherhood reflective decals. This ultra-high definition graphic illustrates an American Bald Eagle clutching two huge billowing US flags (hello Old Glory!) as a flurry of arrows are fired at the epic bird of prey - we can’t think of a better description for America being under attack. It also represents the heart of American Patriotism: knowing your rights, uniting together for the greater good.

There’s also our loud and proud Come and Take It bumper stickers featuring our original Freedom Skull with two AR15 style rifles - it doesn’t get more American Patriot than this. Do you know where the phrase comes from? Of course you do, 300 was an awesome film and the Spartan war leader, King Leonidas was truly an inspiring hero - Molon Labe, brothers and sisters. You don’t need to be a 5th Century warrior to know you need to stand up for your rights, you don’t need to be a paying member of the NRA - you just need to be American.