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Air Force - Glass Set

It can be tough to find a gift set that captures the Pride and Patriotism we feel for American servicemen and women. That’s why we made our limited edition, officially licensed glassware sets (including a tankard, pint, shot, and pilsner glass) that celebrate the power and the glory of the US Air Force.

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Double Flag Air Force Eagle 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95
Air Force USAF Missle 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95

With the US double flags and the American bald eagle, what true-blooded American patriot wouldn’t want ourAir Force 4 Piece Glass Set. It makes every sip you take feel like American Freedom. OurUSAF Missile 4 Piece Glass Setis no different. Featuring the classic American Air Force crest and shield and silver foil embossed text - it truly speaks for Honor, Duty, and Country. Made of toughened heavy weighted high-quality glass, you could drop this from an SR-71 at high altitude and it’d likely survive intact. Fly-fight-drink, any time and anywhere with these awesome glassware sets.

So why does the Eagle feature so much on US Air Force seals and emblems? It’s a national bird of America and it also represents the USAF’s absolute domination of the skies - it’s not a bird you’d ever want to mess around with. There’s also a fierce beauty and proud independence to this great bird of prey and that uniquely symbolizes the strength and freedom of America. The final drawing of the USAF Seal was completed at the founding of USAF and was approved by President Harry S. Truman on 1 November 1947.

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