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First Responders

Looking for superior First Responders merchandise? Whether you feel that Patriotic Pride about our firefighters, police force, EMS, EMT, and paramedics - we’ve got exactly what you need. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits: we’ve been celebrating and commemorating these real-life superheroes with officially licensed First Responder shirts and hoodies; glassware and stoneware for almost 30 years. Come get some.

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No one Fights Alone

Imagine, for a moment, an America without our Police, Firefighters, or EMS teams. It’s a terrible, chaotic vision for our country: lawlessness, death, and our beloved nation on fire. The reason we’re safe is thanks to our local heroes who make noble sacrifices every day to make our country and communities stronger, better, and safer. These are the heroes that run towards the crisis, day-in-day-out. 

What’s more, First Responders and essential front-line workers show their relentless spirit in serving our country calmly and quietly. For them, being a hero isn’t about the uniform or personal toughness: it’s about having the heart and mind to serve the people, facing-down adversity, whether accidents, natural disasters, or even terrorist attacks. If that ain’t American Patriotism at its finest, we don’t know what is. 

First In & Last Out

First responders do more than just show up, do their job and go home. They go above and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect our way of life. When a first responder serves their community, the hours are long and erratic: accidents occur at random times on a shift. Fires don’t stop burning unless people remain to put them out. Police officers have to remain at the crime scene even after their shift. 

You get the picture; you’re here because you know these people dedicate their time and sometimes even sacrifice their lives when emergencies call. With such bravery and endurance, we’ve made a selection of First Responder First In & Last Out merchandise to honor and thank the men and women in red and blue. 

To Serve & Protect

In the heat of the moment, our First Responder Law Enforcement shirts help you keep your cool. Using premium pre-shrunk cotton, our First Responder tees remain soft but firm - ensuring they retain their shape. If you’re buying this as a gift, you want a t-shirt that remains breathable yet durable, no matter the situation. With a high thread and stitch count, you can expect our shirts to stand the test of time. You’ll also be glad to know all of our First Responder apparel is printed right here in the USA.

Brave the Elements

Need something warmer and more insulating? We’ve got you covered. Our First Responder hoodies and sweatshirts are soft and heavyweight, with the fabric blend making for a hardwearing weave - keeping you warm for years to come with minimal chance of it losing its shape or fit. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing - our First Responder sweatshirts keep you keeping on. 

Serving Up Good Work

Whether you’re looking for a quiet morning’s coffee or a beer to finish the day - our First Responder glassware and stoneware make the perfect gifts. We’ve had rave reviews on our design prints’ quality and how damn tough our pilsner glasses and tankards are. They’ll take a formidable bashing of toasts and cheers for years to come - perfect for any occasion. 

Standing on America’s frontlines 

When the call for medical help goes out, it’s answered by a group of heroes from all walks of life. This country’s paramedics’ knowledge, skills, and bravery save the lives of millions of Americans every day of the year. It’s no job for weak stomachs; their skilled work helps the suffering, the sick, and the vulnerable and gives people the very best chance at recovery. A great way of honoring these fine teams is standing up and showing your support when they need it most. Our paramedic and EMS shirts help you do this without saying a thing. 

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Since the first American Police force in 1838, the men and women who wear the badge have sacrificed so much to serve and protect our communities. These institutions are now under fire. It’s time to honor and support the thousands of law enforcement officers who work tirelessly and selflessly across our great nation - they fight and struggle with lawbreakers every day, so we don’t have to. Each of our Law Enforcement Blessed are the Peacemaker themed t-shirts reflect our pride, loyalty, and support in our police force. Because if you don’t stand - who will? 

Fight Fire with Fire. 

Firefighters have been saving the lives of Americans since 1678. Although their techniques and tools have changed, the bravery and commitment to saving lives and keeping our streets safe haven’t altered one iota. It takes a special kind of person to become a firefighter. They throw themselves out of windows, run through burning buildings, and cut people out of crashed cars - all for our sakes. 

Firefighters see and experience things that affect them both mentally and physically. Despite this, they continue to do what they do. If this isn’t a reason to honor their commitments and sacrifice - we don’t know what is. Whether you’re looking for a Firefighter tee as a gift for a veteran or you want to show your support - check out our firefighting merchandise for just the thing. 

Duty. Honor. Community.

Speak your heart loud and true with our incredible limited-edition First Responder merchandise. Patriotism is the glue that binds us together and the oil that keeps America running. It’s time to honor our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers who serve our country. Their Duty is our Pride. 

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