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Law Enforcement - Tankard

Here’s to the phenomenal men and women who keep us safe 24/7. The U.S. Police Force deserves positive recognition for its contributions. We have tankard glasses that do just that: celebrate the brave Americans in Blue!
Policemen and policewomen should be able to enjoy themselves behind doors just as much as they protect us in the streets. So sit back and pour a drink in glassware that reminds you how important they are to keeping America the free nation it is (and always will be).
Raise a glass to our Law Enforcement today! You don’t want to skip out on these deals

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Irish Brotherhood Police 25oz Tankard Glass Set Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Tribute High Honor Police 25oz Tankard Glass Set Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Police Irelands Iriah Finest 25oz Tankard Glass Glass Set Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95

Keeping the Peace

We agree that Blue Lives Matter, and we are here to yell it from the rooftops with our Law Enforcement and Police 25oz tankard glasses.

The United States Police Force comprises more than 800,000 officers and has defended our American way of life since 1838. Whether it's minor defenses or more serious ones, our law enforcement has our backs no matter what. And when they scratch ours, we scratch theirs back with gifts of patriotism!

Shop Erazor Bits crafts our tankard glasses with durable heavy-weighted glass that is thick and keeps your drink cold. Unlike glasses like pints or pilsners, the tankard is easier to hold with its helpful handle. Every printed decal is made in the USA and is high-definition, bold, and colorful. Don’t just purchase one! We have sets of 2, 4, 6, or cases of 12 and 24.

The Law Enforcement Tankard Glass Collection:

1. The Irish Brotherhood Police Tankard Glass represents true bro friendships with the motto, “Braithre Thar Gach Ni,” embellished on the front of the cup. Nothing can break police brothers apart!

2. Every U.S. citizen has the day September 11, 2001, permanently etched in their minds. A tragic event should be remembered with our meaningful Tribute High Honor Police Tankard Glass.

3. You can always depend on a policeman with Irish in their veins. Raise a glass for the brotherhood with our Police Irelands Finest Tankard Glass.

Presents for the Fighters

Every worker in America, whether you are a Health worker, Law enforcement officer, Military member, Hunter, Welder, Miner, Mechanic, Trucker, Electrician, deserves to be celebrated with an amazing patriotic present.

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