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2nd Amendment - Aluminum Sign

Listen up, Americans! The U.S. Constitution was created for a reason. It’s about time we honor that with 2nd Amendment aluminum signs that look just how you feel: patriotic and free.
Begin the shopping spree of a lifetime! You won’t regret it.


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These Colors Dont Run Patriotic Aluminium Sign Decor Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95
Home of the Free USMC Marine Corps Aluminium Sign Decor Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95
POW MIA Brotherhood US Military Aluminium Sign Decor Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95

Defend Your Home

You were born in this country for a reason. As an American man or woman, you have the choice to express your God-given rights, to speak freely, and to own guns for your safety. Don’t let anybody tell you differently! We at Shop Erazor Bits are here to provide artwork that does the talking for you.

American-made, these aluminum signs measure 8x12 and have convenient holes in the top and bottom to hang up easily. Each sign arrives shrink-wrapped and well-packaged.

Shop Erazor Bits has four 2nd Amendment signs for you to choose from:

1. Celebrate your Southern heritage with a White Lightning Moonshine Worker Aluminum Sign. You will love the classic vintage car highlighted on this piece of art!

2. Complete your All-American home with a patriotic sign with the words, “These Colors Don’t Run.” The battle cry of the bald eagle will inspire you to keep on fighting for what you believe in.

3. We will never forget the brave soldiers who we have tragically lost. With the POW MIA Brotherhood US Military Aluminum Sign, you can honor your loved ones for their sacrifice to our nation.

4. Pay your respects to the marines and veterans with a Home of the Free USMC Marine Corps Aluminum Sign that will hang proudly on your wall. Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

Be Proud of Your Loved Ones

Shop Erazor Bits has patriotic merchandise that will fill your family members and friends with a sense of pride. There are many present ideas to choose from: apparel, artwork, stoneware, glassware, and other items!

Each gift will spark happiness in all of the Dads, Moms, Sons, Daughters, Grandparents, Friends, Neighbors, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, and Wives in your life!

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Shop Erazor Bits

When you order from us, we are confident in every product and make sure that your purchase is made with the finest materials. We want to salute America as one nation under God!

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