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EMS - Signs & Decals

Want to show your pride for our EMS men and women who answer the call to save American lives day after day? Look no further than Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve been printing awesome decals right here in the USA for almost thirty years. Expect ultra-adhesive decals that make the perfect finishing touch to your automobile, bike, home window, tank, or F12 fighter jet - whatever your ride, we’re pretty sure this will improve the look. These decals act as a great reminder of our heroes’ hard work and dedication to make the split-second decisions that keep Americans almost 20 million Americans healthy, injury-free, and alive every day of the damn year. If that’s not something we should stand up and honor, we don’t know what is.

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America’s Emergency Medical Services (otherwise known as EMS) has been taking names and saving asses for almost one hundred years. Did you know, before the 1970s, there were no existing standards for paramedic or EMT training? The quality of care found in the pre-hospital setting could vary greatly depending upon the responders’ ability. Today, this has all changed. Paramedics and EMS teams have to undergo extensive training to prepare themselves for any situation - from everyday trauma cases (like car crashes) to large-scale disasters (like 9/11). This has changed up the game: from ambulance drivers being simply a transportation system to a system of bright minds that provides actual medical care - such as CPR, drug administration, and many other advanced procedures - demonstrating this job requires dedication and commitment that make it not the right choice for everybody, but for many, it’s the job of a lifetime. And as the pandemic has proved, these heroes know how to keep us safe.

If you’re looking to show your gratitude and appreciation for our incredible EMS heroes, slap an awesome decal on your automobile or give it to a friend as a gift. For an astonishing design, check out our EMS Hero decal. Featuring the American Bald Eagle with its wings shielding the glowing blue Star of Life and the snake around a staff. The Star of Life was created in 1977 by Leo Schwartz, with each of the six prongs representing a different element of the EMS. And the great serpent and staff? This takes its name from the mythological Greek god Asclepius. He was thought to be Apollo's son and a Greek doctor and was widely known in legend for his healing powers. The Ancient Greeks believed him to be the god of medicine and healing - the perfect symbol for these brave American heroes’ dedication and hard work.

Another of our bestselling designs has to be our limited edition Badge of Honorreflective decal. Featuring the great mottos “On Call For Life” and “Service Before Self” with a shining EMS logo, these make the perfect talking point while showing your pride in our incredible EMS.