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Poker - Pint Glass

Ready to get your poker game on and play to win? If you’re looking for the perfect companions for your next card game night - you won’t find anything better than our awesome poker glassware. We’ve been making premium quality heavyweight 16oz glasses for almost thirty years, and we’re not stopping now. Each of our high-definition prints is made to last (and printed right here in the USA). We know you’ll love them- there’s nothing finer to take a sip of ice-cold beer from and even better to hold a toast (especially if you’re winning). It’s why these make such a great addition to any occasion, including Birthdays, Christmas, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, - even Retirements - you name it, these pint glasses should be there. They make the perfect gift for moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and anyone who loves the game - from Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha rules, Follow the Queen, or Seven Card Stud. With these glasses, you have an ace in the hand and a king in the pocket - they make such a good talking point and relieve some of the tension that can build up at the table.

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For a pint glass that’s sure to get the table laughing, check out ourKnow When to Hold Em glassware featuring women and cards and the line from the immortal Kenny Roger’s song, ‘The Gambler.’ Did you know Rogers wasn’t the original writer of the song? Don Schlitz wrote the song almost ten years before in 1976, where it was recorded by many other artists - including the stone-cold-awesome Johnny Cash, who put the track on his album Gone Girl. The song tells the tale of a late-night meeting on a train "bound for nowhere" between the storyteller and a chance encounter with a man known only as "the gambler.” The gambler tells the narrator that he can see  (or maybe “tell”) the man is down on his luck ("out of aces") by the look in his eyes, and he offers him advice in exchange for his last swallow of whisky. Truly an awesome tale and definitely one for the poker table. Get yours today (while you still can).

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