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Poker - Hooded Sweat Shirt

Poker is easily the world’s most popular card game and one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether it’s the influence of poker games played on the big screen, the internet, or simply the love and joy of poker itself, the number of players has grown dramatically over the last few decades.

It’s thought that more than 100 million people in the world enjoy playing poker on a daily basis. It combines complex, strategic challenges with psychological elements. With poker, you don’t play just your cards - you also need to analyze and react to your opponents.

Our t-shirts are made to help throw your opponents off guard - making them think you’re a fish when really you’re a damn shark.

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What’s your favorite hand to play? Four of a kind? Royal flush? Are you a fan of just cranking up the heat with a straight flush? Whatever the case, if you’re looking to outwit your opponents, check out our Poker hoodies. We've been honing each of our designs for almost thirty years, so expect warmth, lightness, and an incredibly comfortable fit. These make fun gifts for co-workers, friends, dads, and brothers for birthdays, anniversaries, or even a treat for yourself. You’ll find our high-definition prints a dream to look at, and as you might imagine, our shirts are printed right here in the USA, so you know you’re getting a quality design.

For a fun hoodie that’s sure to get the table laughing, check out our Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game hoodie featuring a card-like background with a woman holding up a pair of cards. This makes an awesome hoodie - even for women - if you’re looking for a way to throw your opponents off track. The table will be looking more at the hoodie than what they’re holding.

Ever heard the term Grinder? A grinder is a player who plays tight, low-risk poker with the intention of making a small buck but steady profit. Unlike most players who look to make as much money from each individual hand as possible, grinders are comfortable winning small pots and rarely, if ever, play for high stakes. We’ve added “All In” to the shirt with a fiery-looking devil-joker to show that even the lowest-stakes player can be pulled into the game.