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Face Masks

We know it’s tough out there on America’s streets right now. You need a cool, reusable face mask that’s breathable, easily adjustable, and comfortable as standard. Not to mention a mask that offers advanced protection and strong filtration. We’re here to help. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve been making patriotic merchandise for almost thirty years, and we’ve hired experts to ensure our face masks meet the same exemplary levels of quality you’ve come to expect from all of our apparel. Each of our masks is fully adjustable with an ear-loop string, easily tied to make the snug fit. This adjustability means you can get comfortable in the mask without it steaming up - especially important if you wear glasses.

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2nd Amendment Skull Of Freedom Face Mask 581 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
2nd Amendment The Right of The People Patriot Face Mask 581 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Home Of The Free Because of the Brave Patriotic Face Mask 71 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
I Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Fallen Face Mask 68 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Don't Tread on Me Gadsen Flag Yellow Face Mask 53 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Patriotic 1776 Betsy Ross Flag Liberty and Justice For All Face Mask 587 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Law Enforcement Blue Lives Matter Face Mask 59 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Blessed Are the Peace Makers Face Mask Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Back the Blue Law Enforcement Blue Lives Matter Serve and Protect Face Mask 59 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Law Enforcement Back the Blue Virtue Respect Honor Face Mask 59 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Law Enforcement Back the Blue Matthew 5:9 Christian Face Mask 52 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Law Enforcement Blue Line Joshua 1:9 Verse Face Mask 60 reviews Sale Price $12.95 Regular Price $16.95
Amlife 50 Pack Face Mask Blue Made in USA Imported Fabric Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95

While we know masks might not be needed for Americans forever, right now, it’s better safe than sorry - especially if you’re visiting hospitals or care homes where the sick or elderly might be involved. It’s also worthwhile taking care of your own well-being, especially in busy spots and if you’re heading out to bars, clubs, or restaurants. That’s why we’ve used a double layer of 100% cotton cloth and an outer layer of polyester, so nothing is getting through these masks. But just in case, we’ve also added a filter pocket for your own filter, which can be used in high-risk areas like crowded streets and busy public transport. We’re committed to keeping those particles, gases, bacteria, and viruses out of your body and America.

So that’s the aspects of the face mask, but we think, just as important as the functionality of covering, is the message you want to get across. With our patriotic masks, you can express your pride and passion for our great nation (and the values America was built upon) to the world without saying a damn thing. In some ways, it’s better than a Patriotic shirt as your face is the first place people look. How’s that for showing solidarity with your True Red, White, and Blue Americans?

We’ve put a lot of time, attention, and dedication into the designs. Each is a high-definition graphic printed right here in the USA so that you can be these colors won’t run. Truly, they’re timeless in terms of durability, fashion, and trends because just like the stars and stripes of the US Flag (hello Old Glory) or American Bald Eagle, these masks will always look fantastic. It’s precisely why these make such a thoughtful gift to friends and coworkers, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, veterans, and those on active duty (whether military and armed forces or those first responders closer to home), really anyone who wants to stand up and shout their support for the USA.

Not only are these incredibly cost-effective, but they’re also efficient and reliable, just as you might expect from Shop Erazor Bits. Get the best Patriotic face mask on the market for you and your loved ones today, and get back out there - remember: America is Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.

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