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Who says you can’t be a Patriot while finding the fun in everyday life? This merchandise is made to do precisely that. Whether you’re looking for premium shirts or sweatshirts for Poker night, something to kick back and relax in while you’re out on the water waiting for a catch, or laying in wait for a buck or duck - you’ll find the perfect gift with Shop Erazor Bits.

We’ve been making damn funny Patriotic merchandise for the last 30 years, and we ain’t stopping now. All our clothing, glassware, and stoneware are printed right here in our beloved USA so you can be sure you’re getting premium quality.

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Clothing for Patriots

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, “sorry for crashing the car on the way back from the bar” presents - whatever your reason for needing a Patriotic gift, we’ve got something to delight and get on the good side of the gift receiver. 

Tired of those boring discussions around the dinner table about politics and ‘who’s the most American?’ Our apparel switches the conversation up - making it about the things we love to do as Americans rather than some ridiculous competition. Whether you're fascinated by our funny America shirts because of our country's rich history of outdoor sports and hard work, you get a kick out of mildly offending people, or because you just need something to keep your chest warm - you’ll find it right here. Don't leave before you've found the ideal pieces to make your American dream come true.

The Perfect Catch

Whether it’s the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or you’re just kicking back at the weekend; any time is a good time to show your devotion and support for the USA. And while, sure, you can always go pick up a generic $5 patriotic tee from Walmart, maybe you’re more discerning and want something more unique that suits your personality. That you? Well, here are some of America’s favorite shirts to show your love for America.

Shirts That Hook On

Sea fishing, fly fishing, salt-water angling, you don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to know there’s nothing more American than our love of the catch. That strike - moment you’ve been patiently waiting for hours for - then the intensity of the pump and reel as you keep the line tight and steadily tire our your prey. And then, and only then, you’ve got to think about landing the beast. It’s tough work but the ultimate pleasure. If you want to remind yourself of these good times - these fishing shirts and angling hoodies make the perfect gift until you can get back out onto the water. Honestly, you won’t need to fish around for compliments with these fishing tees. 

Run with the Dogs

When nature calls, are you answering? Hunting is not just a part of American life; it’s an integral part of what makes us human. Remember that before humans were hunting, we were starving. Our “Fowl Mood” t-shirts and “Mega Bucks” shirts have been some of our most popular hunting clothing ranges since we started making graphic hunting shirts over 30 years ago. Whether you’re using a .30-’06, a .223 caliber, or even bow and arrow, we’ve got a funny hunting shirt for you - whatever your quarry. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

American power is built on our ability to build, transport, and maintain - and these industries should be celebrated; they’re what keeps the USA moving day-in, day-out. Whether you’re a mechanic, carpenter, welder, or trucker - our work shirts, sweatshirts, and clothing ranges are perfect for showing your pride in these hardcore professions. Just like ‘em, they’re built with premium materials, solid workmanship, and made to last. And, of course, they’re printed right here in the USA.  

Deal Yourself In

It’s Saturday night and time to call upon Lady Luck. But what are you gonna wear? We’ve got just the poker t-shirt for you. They look smart and funny and get the room’s eyes off your cards and onto your shirt - the perfect distraction for your handful of aces. Whether it’s our Ace Cracker shirt with a cool clown design or funny “Know When to Hold ‘Em” design (with the lyrics from the incredible Kenny Rogers’ song ‘The Gamber’). 

Time for Some Fun

No one does funny, Patriotic shirts like Shop Erazor Bits. They make your American pride known in seconds, making the perfect gift for brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and loved ones. We know you’ll have as much fun wearing them as we did making them.