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Law Enforcement - Apparel

The American Police Force protects and serves us on a daily basis but their ability to help us is under attack. That’s why it’s never been more important to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Our Law Enforcement t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies help you to do exactly that - they show your support and gratitude for the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for our safety and security. The very least we can do is remember the living and honor the fallen by letting our Patriotic Pride be known and telling the world Blue Lives Matter.

These truly make the perfect gifts for mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers; police in active duty, cop veterans, and anyone who wants to show their solidarity and proud American heritage. Let the world know today.

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USA Flag Blanket $29.95 $38.95

Each of our Law Enforcement apparel ranges is made with premium cotton and solid workmanship to ensure this clothing is comfortable, breathable, and holds its shape in the test of time.  Our Police apparel is printed right here in the USA, so These Colors Won’t Run. Check out our popular Blessed are the Peacemakers shirt featuring the Biblical quote from Matthew 5:9 and a gigantic American Bald Eagle carrying the American flag and the Thin Blue Line. If you’re looking for a hoodie, you’ll love our Back the Blue Protect and Serve hoodie with an awesome police and sheriff badge of honor in silver. Stand with America’s Finest today.

What are the main values that make form the incredible Thin Blue Line? You’ll find them listed on our awesome blue long sleeve in bright lettering (with the Old Glory in the background): Strength, Brotherhood, Spirit, Honesty, Bravery, Selfless, Courageous, Service, Fearless, Fortitude, Honor and Integrity. These long sleeves are incredibly popular with Birthdays, Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Valentine’s Day, Retirement, Christmas and More.

For a classic tee, we’d recommend our Elite Breed Law Enforcement shirt with an awesome chrome badge, spanned with 5 stars and the words embossed: Duty, Pride, Honor. Which wholeheartedly represent the brave men and women in the US Police Force. The level of detail in this design is jaw-droppingly good, it’ll have your pride and passion known by all and everyone talking about how cool it looks.

If you’re a fan of the awesome Police Dog and K9 Units, you’ll love our Loyalty K9 Shirt which features a Belgian Melinois, also known as a Belgian Shepherd (not too far removed from the German Shepherd breed) with a beautiful American Flag in the background. Man’s Best Friend never looked so cool. Also our elite breed K9 Sherriff Dog hoodie is nine shades of incredible with a silver sheriff badge and awesome German Shepherd. If you’re a dog-owner or you’re looking for a gift for someone who is, these shirts will go down a storm.

For Corrections Officers, we’ve got an awesome No Guns, Just Guts hoodie range in black. Featuring handcuffs, and crossed batons alongside a freedom skull with the stars and stripes, this design is definitely one of a kind and will brighten the day of anyone who works in our prison system