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Law Enforcement - Stoneware

The best way to start any day is with a coffee and you’ll want an awesome coffee mug to drink it from. That’s where we come in: our Law Enforcement stoneware features a range of unique, limited edition designs printed right here in the USA. Each celebrates the sacrifices and commitments made by our men and women in blue. They make the perfect gift for Patriotic men and women, moms and dads, brothers and sisters - you name it - veterans and those on active police duty love these mugs and coasters - not to mention anyone who supports and wants to celebrate First Responders and the Thin Blue Line. This officially licensed police stoneware is great for any occasion, from Christmas, Birthdays, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Retirement! We know that times are tough out there and with our officially licensed glassware, you can make a statement about your Pride and Passion without even opening your mouth (except when you’re taking a sip of good ol’ joe).

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The high-definition decals are each applied by hand and fired in a kiln at low temperatures to keep the stone tough and durable for years to come. Check out our commemorative 9/11 Twin Towers mug to honor the fallen and those who bravely risked their lives for the American people on that terrible day. Sometimes freedom comes at a cost and it was paid for by American heroes.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an Irish police officer, check out our range of Irish coffee mugs and coasters - featuring the Irish Brotherhood and a reflective 4x4 green shamrock coaster with a simple but awesome silver police badge on white tumbled marble. These are sure to have the recipient laughing while reminding us all that all men are created equal but some become brothers. 

We’ve also got a cool coaster for the Elite Breed K9 Units featuring a German Shepherd police dog set in a silver and gold sheriff’s badge. Truly, man’s best friend, and a criminal’s worst enemy. If you believe Blue Lives Matter, support the cause and come get some great Law Enforcement merchandise today. 

Ever heard the Policeman’s Prayer? It’s an inspiring message that warms the heart of whoever so reads it. The author of this awesome blessing is anonymous, but it gets to the heart of what it means to be a Police officer, protecting lives and sacrificing so much for the good of the community. It touches on just a few of the values that makes Law Enforcement so important: Brotherhood, Strength of spirit, Selflessness, fearlessness and courage in the face of adversity, combined with fortitude and integrity to make incredibly hard decisions on a daily basis. Our coaster shows this alongside America’s Finest on a silver police shield. Truly a message to live by. If you’re ready to show your care, passion and support for the brave heroes and warriors of US Law Enforcement and our Men and Women in Blue - check out our incredible range of stoneware today.

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