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USMC - Towels & Blankets

Want to show your American pride in the US Marines Corps from dawn till dusk and then some? Our officially licensed USMC blankets and towels help you do exactly that. Our Devil Dogs blankets are made for a good night’s sleep, knowing our hardcore Leathernecks protect your American Freedoms. And whether you’re having a day at the beach or just looking for something for the bathroom - let your pride be known with our Marine Corps towels. Marine heroes are men and women who have sacrificed their own lives so that others could live, defending the liberty of our great nation and saving lives across the world. They are both elite and ordinary. They are elite in the sense of character. Giving your life so others could live is the ultimate definition of selfless. These are sure to turn heads and let those who serve - whether on active duty or veterans - know you stand with them and you’ve got their six - it’s our American Way of Life to ensure no one gets left behind.

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USA Flag Blanket $29.95 $38.95

OurHonor Our Fallen Heroes blanket is a stark reminder of the sacrifices Marines have made for our country and the world. Featuring a kneeling soldier holding the helmet and dog tags of a fallen soldier with the stars and stripes of Old Glory - the incredible American flag - in the background.

Another of these commemorative blankets is our Land of the Free Because of the Brave design, which depicts a burning M4 Carbine with a soldier’s boots and dog tags symbolising that these are the things that get left behind, as well as the memories of sacrifice a man or woman has made for America. In the background is an American Bald Eagle and the billowing US Flag - symbols of our Proud nation and all we hold dear.