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EMS - Stoneware

What makes a hero? According to the dictionary, a hero is “a person admired for their achievements and noble qualities” or “someone who shows great courage.” It goes without saying that there are countless heroes within the EMS community and we think these men and women need to be celebrated for their commitment to saving lives. Following the Coronavirus outbreak, EMS is finally receiving the attention and recognition it deserves. But while embracing this improved image, the toll of incredibly long hours and weeks has been tough for many in the Medical Services profession and during the past decade, the mental health of first responders has become a foremost concern for all of us. We now know that the personal cost first responders pay for doing their job is considerable and can affect family life and mental health and can even increase the risk of suicide. That’s why we need to continue our support for these brave men and women.

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911 EMS EMT Blue Skies Stoneware Black Coffee Mug Gift Set Sale Price $19.95 Regular Price $25.95
Hero's EMS EMT Stoneware Black Coffee Mug Gift Set Sale Price $19.95 Regular Price $25.95
Volunteer EMS EMT Stoneware Black Coffee Mug Gift Set Sale Price $19.95 Regular Price $25.95

What better way to say thank you than with an awesome mug and strong breaktime coffee? We’ve been making awesome EMS stoneware (including coffee mugs, cups, and coasters) for almost thirty years so we know these gifts are just a small contribution to show your gratitude, but it’s a damn good start. Our stoneware is fired in a kiln at low temperatures to keep the stone as tough as a New York ambulance, deploying a drip of delicious caffeine in seconds without burning your hands. 

We think you’ll love our immensely popular On Call for Life mug in black. It’s a 10 oz stoneware mug with a c-handle for easy grip and features the vibrant imagery you see rushing past you on the side of US ambulances. For a more patriotic design, see our Heroes EMT mug in white ceramic which depicts an awesome American Bald Eagle (the true red, white and blue symbol of the US) above the EMS emblem.

Each of our high-definition decals is applied by hand (all printed right here in the USA). It’s why our limited edition Paramedic, EMS, and EMT stoneware makes such a great gift for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans and still serving America, and anyone who feels the Honor, Commitment, and Pride to the medical professionals of our country and the sacrifices American heroes make every day. We remember: All Gave Some, Some Gave All. it’s time to celebrate and commemorate these dedicated men and women.

We also have a range of exclusive EMS coasters so you don’t watermark or heat-damage your tables or furniture. Available in black slate or white tumbled marble, these are a great addition to our coffee cups or just as an accessory to your mugs. Check out our EMS Volunteer coaster in tumbled marble. Which features the glowing six-pronged Star of Life embossed in gold with the snake and staff of the Rod of Asclepius (the Greek symbol for resurrection and healing).