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Air Force - Hooded Sweat Shirt

1947 marks the beginnings of the US Air Force and since then America has controlled the world’s skies, defending Freedoms and Liberty across the world and making sure we’re second to none.

Our officially licensed USAF hoodies and sweatshirts celebrate the fine men and women, brothers and sisters who put service before self and protect our great country.

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for mom or dad, veterans, those on active duty, or someone who wants to aim and fly high with the kings of the sky - they’re sure to love our warm, high-thread-count hoodies.

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Ready to fly, fight and win? Pilot ourDouble Flag Air Force hoodie featuring the Old Glory United States Flag and a high definition American Bald Eagle rising out of the clouds. The incredibly detailed silver plating says “Defending America’s Freedoms Since 1947.” If that doesn’t fill you with a sense of Patriotic Joy we don’t know what will.

Our Second to None hoodie is immensely popular due to its awesome depiction of a jet pilot in the hot seat as missiles are released from two F15 fighter jets behind them. For apparel that keeps you warm and makes you feel the heat of battle - this is definitely your best choice. 

Veterans are huge fans of our USAF MCMXLVIIhooded sweatshirt - probably due to the 13 white stars, fighter jet and crest, and shield - but who are we to say. It’s the perfect fit, whatever the skies. MCMXLVII represents 1947 when the USAF first got its wings. The crest design in the shield of the Air Force Seal is taken from a representation of the lightning bolt or arrow, also termed Zeus or Jupiter's thunderbolt (that makes the perfect symbol for one of the USAF’s epic AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles). In the detailed background, you’ll be able to make out a couple of awesome F15 fighter jets - just the finishing note you want in a great design.