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General Military - Towels & Blankets

Since its founding in 1775, the US Armed Forces has grown into the world’s toughest and strongest fighting force. It’s also grown into five different branches of defense; this includes the Navy (Not for Self but for Country), Marine Corps (Semper Fi!), Army (This We’ll Defend), Air Force (Aim High: Fly Fight Win), and Coast Guard (Always Ready) and, as of 2019, the newest member, Space Force (Always Above). We believe it’s time to celebrate the men and women who fight for our Liberty and Freedoms. While some in this country might think Patriotism and love of America are dirty words, we know that they represent everything strong and great about our nation; it’s the foundation of our support for the US military. After all, there’s a reason this is the Land of the Free, and it’s Because of the Brave.

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USA Flag Blanket 69 reviews Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Home Of The Free Premium Blanket Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Brotherhood No One Gets Left Behind Blanket Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Never Forget Fallen Soldier Premium Blanket 63 reviews Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
I Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Fallen Blanket Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Never Forget Fallen Solider Patriotic Large Bath Beach Towel 53 reviews Sale Price $24.95 Regular Price $32.95
American Soldier Blanket Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
American Soldier Patriotic Large Bath Beach Towel 53 reviews Sale Price $24.95 Regular Price $32.95

Keeping warm has never been so patriotic as when you use our officially licensed Military blankets. Made of 100% polyester, these blankets are ultra-soft and will stand up to washing and drying for years without losing their color or shape - they’re also highly wrinkle-resistant, so your high-definition print will show brightly for years to come. These blankets are built for a good night’s sleep, knowing our hardcore Heroes and Military warriors continue to protect your American Freedom. Each of our high-definition prints is made right here in the USA, so you can bet these colors won’t run. They make the perfect gift for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans (whether heroes who are Proud to Have Served in Vietnam, Gulf War, or Iraqi War), and those still on active duty for our country - making them a great demonstration of your appreciation of their service. 

One of our most popular blankets has to be our Noone Gets Left Behind blanket featuring four American warriors exchanging fire with M4a1 rifles. The motto comes from “Nemo resideo,” which is Latin for “No one left behind.” It was a critical part of the Roman Legion’s morale as any one man’s failure to do his job would result in the whole unit being wiped out. Everyone goes into battle together. Everyone leaves together: on foot or carried on a shield. Today, the phrase is often used by the elite US Army Rangers, who have the motto as part of their creed: “I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.” 

Check out our pride-filled towels, too - these lightweight towels are crafted with 100% premium cotton to ensure they’re ultra-absorbent and maintain a fluffy softness for fast-drying action. At 30 x 60 inches, they’re the perfect addition whether you’re looking to show your patriotism for our nation’s defenders on the beach, the shower, or in the bath. Check out our American Soldier towel, which features a glowing soldier in full combat gear with the wondrous stars and stripes of the US Flag behind him. This design is bannered by the words, Land of the Free, Because of the Brave and the immortal motto from the US Army, This We’ll Defend, which refers to their purpose of defending the country as one. The war office first used the line during the American Revolutionary War in 1778, and it has been our guiding motto ever since.

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