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USMC - Xmas Ornament

Christmas is a time for friends and families and get-togethers, though many in the USMC don’t get the leave they so want to spend time with their folks. It’s why we’ve made an awesome range of Xmas ornaments to thank the US Marine Corps for the sacrifices they make at Christmas and every day of the year for our Liberty and Freedom. These full-color imprints are made of thick porcelain, so you can expect them to be damn tough. Show your American Pride and Patriotism in our Devil Dogs, the original global defenders (since 1775) with an officially licensed gift this Christmas. HoHo-oorah.

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For Devil Dogs memorabilia that will look amazing on your Christmas tree, you’ll want to check out our awesomeOnce a Marine, Always a Marine andSemper Fi baubles. Where does the Devil Dog and bull dog Thin Red Line mascot originate? We’re glad you asked. It all started at a decisive battle at Belleau Wood in World War I, German soldiers called the attacking Marines, the Teufel Hunden, meaning Devil-Dogs. Teufel-hunden were mountain dogs of German mythology, known for their dedication and fierceness. Because of the fearless nature of the breed - a dog that's literally Forged without Fear, the image took root and remains an awesome reminder of the toughness and resilience of the USMC to this day. This bauble features the American Flag (hello again Old Glory) alongside a crest and shield and combat knife. These are so damn cool, everyone will want to know where you found them.