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Law Enforcement - Long Sleeve

We all know someone who protects and serves our proud country and puts their life on the line every day. One of the easiest ways to show your thanks and support for the Men and Women in Blue is our Thin Blue Line long sleeve shirts.

They truly make the perfect gift for police in active service, veterans, and anyone who believes Blue Lives Matter and that we need to stand up and be counted amongst America’s first line of defense. Not only getting are you getting a great long sleeve printed in the USA.

You’re buying a quality fit made from superior cotton with a high thread count that’s built to last. We’re incredibly proud of the workmanship that goes into our Police shirts, each is soft to the touch and yet holds its form.

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Looking for ideas? Check out our awesomeK9 Unit Sheriff long sleeve shirt. On black, the Belgian Shepherd looks incredible situated within the gold Sherriff badge and chrome setting. This is a fantastic shirt for anyone who loves dogs and who knows that Man’s Best Friend can be our greatest ally in the fight for Freedom and Liberty.

Justice might be blind, but she’s got an eye for a good long-sleeve shirt and she’d love this Justice scroll longsleeve shirt, featuring Lady Justice holding the scales and a scroll reading “Without Fear or Favour” and the shirt is underlined with the immortal words “Protect and Serve.”

We also have an incredible range of Irish police long sleeves just like this one featuring the Police Gold Cross with detailed lacing and the Gaelic words “Braithreachas Thar Gach Ni” meaning Brotherhood Above All Things. If you need gifts for Patriotic Irish men and women who take pride and passion in policing, check out our Elite Breed Shirt featuring two griffons and a police badge in chromed green and the words “Fir and Dli” meaning Men of Law in Gaelic. . These are the perfect gifts for any occasion, from Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Valentine’s Day and even Retirement.