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Men and Women of America: ready to make the most of your First Amendment? Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits - home of patriotic merchandise printed right here in the Great US of A. We reckon there are fewer ways of showing your American Pride than a damn fine Patriotic Shirt. It speaks your mind without even opening your mouth and becomes a great talking point centered around our Stars and Stripes - remember “Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.”

The Fourth of July comes around once a year, but with our tees, you can show your pride for all three hundred and sixty-five days. From patriotic gift sets, shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies - we’ve got just what you need.

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Don’t Tread on Me

There’s no better gift to a loved one than Patriotic gear that shows your love and respect for our Nation. We’ve got everything you need - from Second Amendment tees that show your solidarity and uphold your beliefs in our Constitution to the incredible Culpeper and Gadsden flag, “Don’t Tread on Me” sweatshirts, blankets, and glasses (you name it, we’ve probably got it). Standing up and showing your support for American Freedom has never been easier. If you dare to live by the words of Theodore Roosevelt, that "Patriotism is a question of spirit, conviction, and purpose," well - we’ve got the shirts that help you express that courage. 

Saluting the Star Spangled Banner

We don’t know about you, but we feel our American Freedoms are under attack - lines are being crossed that can never be taken back. Remind the world of American Values and wear your heart on your sleeve (or your chest and back in this case). Our 1776 Betsy Ross Flag shirt is one of our most popular American Patriot t-shirts designs for speaking these truths, announcing “Liberty and Justice for All” from our incredible Pledge of Allegiance by Francis Bellamy - these immortal words spoken clear and true on the Old Glory’s Red, White, and Blue. 

Guts and ‘Old Glory’

When you’re clocking off for the night or having a brew - you’ll want a shirt that’s soft, lightweight, and breathable but lets your Pride and Passion be known. Our bold Patriotic merchandise does precisely this. Whether it’s supporting our armed forces, celebrating those who serve on home soils or even fighting for the values that make our Nation the best in the world, we’ve got great Patriotic graphic shirts, hoodies, or gift sets to choose from. We offer a wide range of sizes and vibrant designs to suit you or your loved one’s preferences and personality. Our Patriotic shirts are not only a great way to put your passion and priorities on display, but they also make a great gift idea for anyone who serves this country. 

Tough Fabrics, Built to Last

Using superior materials, this patriotic apparel is a cut above the rest. Each item combines solid workmanship with tough, durable fabrics that’ll serve you well year-in, year-out, and ready for whatever the world throws at you. Our premium cotton blend sweatshirts and hoodies are easy to wash, and you better believe, just like Old Glory: “These Colors Don’t Run.” 

Stand Up and Be Counted

We’re firm believers that if you don’t stand for something, you die for nothing. That’s why we’ve made “Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Fallen”shirts. This is about more than just Memorial Day; it’s a statement we should hold in our hearts every day of the year. We owe our military heroes so much; the least we can do is salute them and thank them for their service. This is what being American is genuinely about; standing together for the greater good and remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. 

Be a Straight Shooter

You’ll find these sentiments echoed in our incredibly popular “I am your Huckleberry” t-shirts. If you’ve seen the incredible Western Tombstone and remember those straight-shootin’, Twain-rootin’ words uttered by Doc Holliday, you’ll know their power telling America, “I’m your man” and “I’m with you.” 

Honor the Fallen

We’ve also put hard work into our Patriotic glassware and stoneware - whether it’s our commemorative 9/11 tankards or pint glasses or High Price of Freedom and True Patriot mugs and coasters - we have the perfect gift sets for BBQs, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and Poker Nights - so you can take that big long draught of American Pride - whatever you’re drinking. 

Manifest Your Destiny

Ready to take back your American Freedom and express your god-given rights? Want to celebrate the Second Amendment by making the most of the First? You’ve got this. Try one of our Patriotic tees on for size today.