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Air Force - Apparel

Since 1947, the steel wings of the United States Air Force have defended the freedoms of the United States and everything we hold dear. Whether it’s F15 fighter jets or missiles or the brave men and women behind them - the USAF is the world’s greatest airborne fighting force, right up there with the beloved American Bald Eagle.

Our officially licensed Air Force merchandise helps you show your patriotic pride and love of our Liberty and Freedom. If you’re looking to pay tribute to the patriotic brothers and sisters, moms and dads, co-workers, veterans, and those on active duty, you won’t find better USAF clothing anywhere else.

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USA Flag Blanket $29.95 $38.95

All of our USAF gear uses premium cotton with a high thread count alongside solid workmanship, making for a consistent, exceptional fit. With our United States Air Force clothing ranges - from hoodies, long sleeves, and sweatshirts, it’s clear skies ahead.

Need a great gift for veterans? Check out our Proud to Have Served shirt. Featuring the Air Force silver foil with the roundel crest and shield and one star, it’s the perfect way to thank a loved one for their service and remember the values of Duty, Honor, and Sacrifice. We’ve also an awesome print of a fighter pilot emblazoned with the USAF motto Second to None. 

If you’re looking for a shirt with some history to it, you’ll love our Double Flag shirt. Featuring the official design of the Air Force Seal it’s a thing of incredible beauty. What’s more, each element is a symbol of the power of the USAF.  The American Bald Eagle represents America as well as USAF’s power to strike from above and domination of the skies. The eagle's proud head is turned to the left and symbolizes facing the enemy - looking toward the future and not dwelling on past deeds. The inner crest design used on the shield of the Air Force Seal is taken from a representation of the mythological thunderbolt, also termed Zeus or Jupiter's thunderbolt. Jupiter was the Roman God of the Heavens who ruled the skies and everything beneath them (you now see why the USAF use this). At the shield’s honor point is a lightning bolt or elongated mass of lightning bolts or arrows, which represents a missile cast to earth in the lightning flash. The pair of wings and smaller lightning flashes surrounding the bolt complete the design.

We know it can get a little cold up in the skies, so you’ll want the perfect hoodie to keep you warm. Our Steel Wings Air Force Brotherhood hoodies make you feel like you’re standing in front of a CF34-10 engine. Seriously, we have glowing hot testimonials from our fans who want to show the heat of their passion and solidarity for the US Air Force while feeling some of that heat themselves. And durability? That comes as standard. With Shop Erazor Bits, you’re getting good value USAF gear with a high-thread-count and quality cotton that’ll stand the test of time.